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Church Growth Module

Lessons in this module :-

1. Course Introduction

How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.

2. A Growing Church

What does a good church look like and which way does it grow, and how ?

3. A Harvest Church

Gather the end-time harvest and survive the opposition.

4. A Servant Church

Servant leadership or the lordship of the secular and religious world.

5. A Discipling Church

How to new believers into disciples without great expense.

6. A Mother Church

It is good to win one soul, but with today’s population, it is never enough.

7. A Cell Church

No costly buildings, mobilise many people, protection from persecution.

8. A Living Church

What is the church and what should happen there when you go ?

9. A Spirit-Led Church

Who is the Holy Spirit, what does he do, what does this mean.

10. A Militant Church

Two very different kingdoms totally opposed to each other.

11. An Apostolic Church

Are apostles for today, if they are who are they, what do they do?

12. A People’s Church

Mobilising every member to reach their world and the wider world.

13. A Missionary Church

All about goals for prayer, training, giving, going and sending.

14. A Sending Church

How you can be fishers of men, what it means to go and to send.

15. A World Changing Church

A house of prayer for all nations, their peoples and churches.

16. A Revival Church

Revival is every believer’s dream, but how does it come ?

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