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School of Money

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  1. The God of Abundance in the Old Testament
  2. The God of Abundance in the Life of Jesus
  3. God of Abundance in the New Testament
  4. Fully Persuaded of the Goodness of God
  5. God Meets Needs, not Greeds
  6. Financing Good Deeds
  7. No Rich People, no Poor People
  8. A Witness to the World
  9. Money Can Be An Idol
  10. Money Comes with Accountability
  11. Money Requires Wisdom
  12. Money – The Perverter of Our Souls
  13. Stewardship
  14. Blessings are Conditional on our Stewardship
  15. Giving is the Gateway to Stewardship
  16. The Many Forms of God’s Blessing
  17. Tithing
  18. Questions From Non-Tithers
  19. Questions To Non-Tithers
  20. Tithe on Everything
  21. The Tithe is God’s Holy Property
  22. Offerings
  23. Sacrificial Offerings
  24. Offerings are Contested
  25. Missionary Work
  26. The Poor
  27. Churches and Ministers
  28. Fellow Believers
  29. Enemies
  30. Money is God’s Yardstick
  31. Lovers are Givers
  32. Releasing Money Releases Joy
  33. Earthly Benefits of Giving
  34. Heavenly Benefits of Giving
  35. Costs of Not Giving
  36. Right Motives to Give
  37. Wrong Motives to Give
  38. Channels to Blessings
  39. Blockages to Blessings
  40. Financial Promises and the Word of God
  41. Sowing Spiritual and Financial seeds
  42. Laws of the Harvest
  43. Resisting a Greedy Lifestyle
  44. Greed Brings the Judgement of God
  45. Adopting a Simple Lifestyle
  46. Giving Into An Earthly Bank Account
  47. Giving Into A Heavenly Bank Account
  48. The Time To Give Is Now
  49. Giving For The First Time
  50. Giving Despite The Circumstances
  51. Giving Despite Being Weary of Doing So
  52. Satan Uses Money
  53. Unrighteousness Exposes Us
  54. Righteousness Shields Us
  55. Gift of Giving
  56. Giving and Other Spiritual Gifts
  57. Stir Up Your Gift
  58. The Great Commission – The Old Testament Promise
  59. The Great Commission – The New Testament Command
  60. The Great Commission – God’s Greatest Work
  61. The Great Commission – Know Your Part
  62. Ministering As A Sender
  63. Speeding or Slowing The Return of Jesus
  64. End time Transfer of Wealth
  65. A Personal Invitation

Bibliography, Acknowledgments and Disclaimer

Author’s note

This study contains the personal beliefs and practices of of the author who recommends them to the reader. The author takes no credit for their success where applied and likewise takes no responsibility for any failure or disappointment.

But who am I, and who are my people that we should be able to give as generously as this?  Everything comes from you, and we have given only what comes from your hand. 1 Chronicles 29:14

All scriptures from the New International Version. © Hodder and Stoughton

The House of Prayer for the Poorer Nations at the end of each section is based on Operation World 21st Century Edition © Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, published in 2000 by Paternoster, ISBN 1-85078-357-8.

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