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Before you write to Make Contact read the Top 10 answers to save you time waiting for a reply  . .

  1. To ask for Free Literature and Tracts do not write, click here.
  2. To ask anything about the School of Mission click here first.
  3. If you wish to ask for Financial Support from The DCI Trust please do not write now – click on this page first and study it carefully.
  4. To see who we are with photos please click here.
  5. To see the ways to send a gift please click here.
  6. To see ways to work with us please click here.
  7. If you are Fund Raising for missions please click here.
  8. If you are asking about Banking for the Poor – click here.
  9. If you wish to Send In Your News and for all other enquiries not covered by these links please choose one of these options:

Twitter: @DCISupport
Facebook: DCISchoolOfMission
E-mail is best:

You are very welcome and we will reply as quickly as possible to any genuine question that is not answered above. We are sorry but all messages from people we do not know that ask for money will be instantly deleted and will have no response unless you apply through the proper procedure given above. We cannot help with appeals for money, support, salary, building, motorbikes, computers and anything similar. Thank you for your understanding.

God bless you.

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