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Mission Module

Lessons in this module :-

1. Course Introduction

How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.

2. God’s Plan For The World

Discover what God intends to do and what He expects of us in the last days of history.

3. The Great Commission

God’s prophetic plan, a promise of power, a job to do and a field to work in until Jesus returns.

4. The Last Command

The mission field inside us, the call of God and supernatural tools to work with.

5. What Is Mission

Are you moved by the reality of eternity, heaven or hell? Are men really lost and why?

6. God’s Missions Promise

A promise which you can inherit by faith and be a blessing to the nations today.

7. Finish The Task

Discover the many ways that everyone can help reach the ends of the earth.

8. Unreached Peoples

Who will reach the unreached peoples first, the developing world churches or the West.

9. Reaching The Unreached

Reaching one of the remaining unreached people groups with the gospel.

10. Jesus, God’s Missionary

Incarnational mission; the way Jesus did it; how to relate to strange new people.

11. Why Are the Poor, So Poor?

Is it their fault? How could Jesus say, “Blessed are you who are poor?”

12. Anointed For The Poor

Who has God chosen to use to bring lasting change.

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