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Evangelism Module

Lessons in this module :-

1. Course Introduction

How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.

2. Good News

Knowing God; Jesus is alive, grace; life after death; a return of Christ and a last day

3. Ask God

Prayers that move God’s heart; move your feet and lips, and remove the enemy.

4. Preparation points to salvation

Overcoming fear of speaking, preparing our heart, our message and approach to people.

5. Lifestyle of the Evangelist

If an evangelist will do today what Jesus did, people will be drawn to Christ in the same way.

6. By All Means

Being effective, Jesus a friend of sinners, being sensitive, focused, knowing where to start.

7. Equipped

Discover how God supports your testimony with the power of His word, His Spirit and more!

8. Signs and Wonders

Signs and wonders from God helped the early church to grow but are they for today?

9. Heal The Sick

God’s healing power and how to bring healing to physically or emotionally sick people.

10. Cast Out Demons

If people are gripped by evil powers and how to release them in the name of Jesus.

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