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9. Heal the Sick

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In Your Bible Read This
Psalm 103 and Matthew 8, 1-17

Here Is Your Memory Verse
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2.24

Afterwards Talk About This
Look at the list of who can minister healing. Where do you find yourself on the list? What is stopping you now?

Something To Do Before Next Time
Ask the Lord to guide you to sick people and be sure that you respond and obey as He leads you to meet, see or hear about someone, even a stranger. Go to them, and even if they do not believe offer to minister healing in Jesus name.

Written Diploma Work
From the gospels write a list of all the times that Jesus ministered healing and note the different people, circumstances and methods that he used.

Meditate Word By Word On This Verse
Acts 14, 8-10

Spend a Minute to Change the World
Pray For Russia – Operation World page 466. 154,000,000 peoples, 11 time zones from Europe to Japan. After spectacular fall of communism, considerable hardship and crime. Massive revivals are reported.

Be sure to teach this lesson to others. Always pray and prepare well adding your own verses and stories to bring it to life.

I Am The Lord That Heals You

Matthew 9.35 tells us that Jesus has went about preaching, teaching and healing the sick. John 14.12 reports Jesus expecting anyone that has faith in him to do the same and more so! Paul wrote in Romans 15.19 that he fully preached the gospel by "saying, doing and by signs and wonders." Jesus commands his disciples to "heal the sick," not just to pray for them. Many believers all over the world tell how the Lord heals today spiritually, physically, emotionally, even in marriage and finances because his goal for us is wholeness in body, soul and spirit.

Healing Is All Through The Bible

If you were to stick a pin in almost any page of the Bible the word would drip with the love and healing of God. Sickness is one result of the fall, but from the beginning God promises his salvation and grace. Genesis 3.15; 21. In Exodus 3.7 we find that God sees all tears and suffering. He is deeply concerned to do something by working through an obedient and willing man. By Exodus 15.22-26 the Lord reveals himself for the first time as the Lord who heals. He shows Moses a piece of wood as a picture of the Cross. We must throw that wood into our own bitter waters to see them turn sweet. In Numbers 21.4-9 God's people are bitten by snakes through their own fault. Nevertheless the Lord tells them to look away from the wound and to look up to live. This is a picture of Hebrews 12.2 which tells us to look away from the diagnosis and look to Jesus. Unlike chameleons we cannot look in two places at once so we must choose which place we are going to concentrate on, the diagnosis or the promise of God. Job has to persevere through terrible unexplained suffering until finally he is healed and doubly blessed. Job 42 David says not to forget that one of the Lord's many benefits is that he heals all our diseases. Psalm 103, 1-5 Malachi says the Lord has healing in his wings. Malachi 4.2

Jesus Came To Do His Father's Will

Hebrews 10.9. There are 26 different examples of Jesus healing people in need that show us the will of Father. See lesson 8 Signs and Wonders for the list. Three ultra-reliable bible witnesses confirm that Jesus heals the sick.

  1. Isaiah the prophet points to Jesus centuries before he came. You must read Isaiah 53, 4-6
  2. Eye-witness Matthew says Isaiah's prophecy is for here and now in Jesus. You must read Matthew 8.17
  3. Eye-witness Peter looks back to Jesus and says the prophecy has been fulfilled. See 1 Peter 2.24

Where Is My Healing?

"Our gospel is simple, supernatural, centred on Christ and settled forever." Can you see that God's word tells us that our healing was accomplished by Jesus on the Cross, 2000 years ago. That's where we look back to find our healing, not in the future. We see Jesus, believe and receive, give thanks by faith, and rest, allowing the Lord to work things out.

Gift For One Or Gifts For All?

1 Corinthians 12.9 teaches us that the Spirit gives "gifts" of healings for sick people. Gifts of healings are plural words. This is not a gift of healing for one person to use, although clearly some men and women have more faith and anointing for ministering healings than others.

We Can All Heal The Sick

You might think your faith is too small but did you know that we can all minister healings from the grace of God that we have within our call and office, not necessarily leaning upon our personal level of faith.

Who Can Minister Healing?

  • Great apostles, see 2 Cor. 12.12
  • Caring pastors, see Ezekiel 34.4
  • Fiery evangelists, see Acts 8.7
  • Sober teachers, see Mark 16.20
  • God's prophets, see 1 Kings 17.21
  • Church elders, see James 5.14
  • Church deacons, see Acts 6.5
  • Ordinary believers, see Mark 16.17

How To Minister Healings

With God's guidance, promptings and help you can minister to the sick anywhere, at any time, not just in church services or evangelistic meetings.

  1. Determine to truly hate sickness.
  2. Determine to love people enough to always offer to minister healing to them.
  3. Wherever possible teach people to have faith themselves and to pray for themselves, otherwise lend them your faith.
  4. Always yield to Holy Spirit, Acts 3.6
  5. Ask the Lord to teach you how to pray, eg. Is this sickness or is it a demon afflicting the person?
  6. Always bind all aggravating satanic power of infirmity in Jesus' name.
  7. Don't be afraid to pray against the root of the sickness and command it to go in the name of Jesus, because he takes the axe to the root.
  8. Release the power of God by prayer, and the laying on of hands, even anointing with oil. Mark 6.13
  9. Persevere and persist through to victory. Even Jesus had to pray for one man more than once.

To Close Pray For The World's Most Unreached Peoples By Name

Taken from the Joshua Project Unreached Peoples List these people have no church and as yet no cell, church or mission has committed themselves to prayer, adoption or church planting among this people. Bosnia-Hercegovina

People Name Language Population
Rumelian Turk Turkish 50,000


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