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Since 1985 our small group in the UK has been helping trusted leaders to reach the lost, the last and the least of the world. We have no walls, no frontiers, no fees and we are open to all but we are not a funding agency, NGO or a church.

If you are looking for funds then click DCI Money Forum to read lots of advice from our 33 years of experience in raising support. If you are a pastor or leader passing by these pages looking for funds for a church program or building project do not apply to us. We recommend that you apply to the MS Foundation. Please do not write to us.

BBC TV Sport Relief and Comic Relief also raise tens of millions of pounds every year, 50% of which is for the developing world. Click to apply.

If you are a student looking for funds for higher education then we recommend that you study the MS Foundation pages very carefully.

If you are looking for capital to open a micro-credit scheme then please study this page very carefully and apply to one of the funding agencies on the list given at the end of the page. We strongly recommend that you study the very successful Five Talents model who provide microfinance and business training to communities who have been economically and socially marginalised.

If you are looking for Bibles we recommend that you contact Bible Pathway to see if they can help you or investigate the many free online Bibles for mobile phones. Click for more possibilities or you may write to us.

Click here to see and download a free book on George Muller, learn how this man successfully trusted God over a lifetime for funds for himself and for thousands of orphans.

Take this free book: the astonishing story of Rees Howells, intercessor, soul-winner and revival leader in Wales in the last century. A man who gained faith for many large sums of money and he tells you how. (In English) Click either pdf or Kindle format.


Our own DCI Fund distributes small and medium size gifts to approved leaders for their projects, usually on a 50/50 basis or thereabouts. As funds permit we primarily support the training of men and women as future leaders of 10’s, 50’s, 100’s or 1000’s in either a DCI School of Mission, or through a similar or more advanced program that is approved by us.

Once the training program is established we welcome applications to help fund projects in evangelism, mission, leadership training, banking for the poor, medical campaigns and care for the poor which must involve the students, graduates and leaders as part of their training, work experience or call of God after graduation.

We are sorry but the UK Government rules that regulate The DCI Fund mean that we are unlikely to be able to fund buildings, businesses, technology, cars, equipment, disaster relief, long-term child sponsorship or provide loans, personal support or salaries.  

Please do NOT send an e-mail asking for any of these things because unfortunately our reply is likely to be disappointing for you.

To apply to The DCI Fund: Send in your name, address and telephone number and describe the following with one line answers please, no more:

What it is that you wish to do?
Why do you want to do this?
Where do you want to this?
Who will benefit?
Who will work with you?
When do you want to do this?
How will you do this, step one, two etc.
How much will it cost and how much can you put towards it?

We will reply to you and tell you if and when we are able to consider your project or proposal. Later on we may send you a full application form and you can see a sample by clicking here but do NOT attempt to use this application form. It is a sample only and not the real form. After a gift is received you must provide receipts, regular reports and photographs of the project and any failure to do so will prevent you from applying again later on.

Send your first e-mail with no more than 12 lines to [email protected] well in advance of when you wish to start your project. Please do not write more than 12 lines.

If we do not already know you, we will probably ask you to stay in touch with your news and photos for at least six months so that we can see and understand your work. We will always ask for more information, costs and independent testimonies that confirm your 100% honesty and integrity through written references from responsible officials in church and society.

You will find a lot more information and advice by clicking here, all free of charge.

God bless you and prosper the work of your hands and heart.

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