The Bank That Likes To Say Yes

endpovertyImagine a bank that is glad to welcome men and women who cannot read or write and are only able to sign with an X or by the muddy imprint of their thumbs. A bank  with no papers or contracts with a manager who knows and trusts the poor and does not ask for security. Click DCI Banking for the Poor and learn how to operate a bank like this in your church or community and end family poverty forever. We have 20 years of experience, follow our guidelines and you will get it right.

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Appointment Without Disappointment

appointmentKorah appointed himself and brought disaster upon himself and all those who followed him.  Saul was appointed by men who wanted to have a King like all the other nations and caused another disaster.  On the other hand John was a man who was sent from God. This time instead of disaster there was great blessing for many. How can you avoid disappointment with an appointment in your church or business?

We tell you more in Who God Calls

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This week’s free book: Click for pdf or Kindle – do not miss the astonishing story of Rees Howells, intercessor, soul-winner and revival leader in Wales in the last century. (In English)
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Click here for our free audio School of Prayer with full teaching notes from John O’Donovan, a pastor and friend of ours since 1984, who has spent over 12,000 hours in prayer for the city, church and world.

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Why Mornings Are Important

Every morning

I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar

and watch for fire to descend.

“Sacrifice isn’t something we do for God. Simply, we lay out the stuff of life so that he can do something with it and with us. On the altar a sacrificial offering is changed into what is pleasing and acceptable to God. In the very act of offering we give up ownership and control, and we watch to see what God will do with it. God who speaks life into us also listens when we speak. So we put into words the difficulties and delights that we foresee in the hours ahead. We assemble fears and hopes, apprehensions and anticipations, and place them on the altar as an offering. We prepare a morning sacrifice and we watch.”

We were touched by these words taken from Psalm 5.3 and Eugene Peterson and we thought that you would like to have them as well. We may carry a heavy load to the altar but by leaving it there we do return much lighter and with hope. Mornings are important. Let’s meet early.

More like this in our DCI Stories and The DCI Minute.

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What To Do If You Cannot Go

ameyliaAmeylia Scharnowski, Indonesia says I am going to a remote area called Mamasa in West Sulawesi and I am inviting people who have experience with women and children to come with me. We are also collecting materials like story books, Bibles and toothbrushes. Let me know if you would like to join me or support the trip.

As we always say, “If you can’t go yourself then for Christ’s sake, send someone else.”

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Dead Man’s Shoes

shoesonbeach“Duarte is dead.” María, my student from Brazil telephoned late with the news. She was very shocked. “They found his clothes by the sea and that was twelve hours ago,” she explained between sobs. I didn’t know Duarte very well. He was married to Maria’s best friend, and this was a tragedy. Yet I heard myself saying, “Maria, this is not the end of the story.” I did not dare say what else I glimpsed but click here and I will tell you what happened.

DCI Stories gives you 100′s of mini-articles to copy free for your own page or church bulletin. Enjoy the stories and help yourself to more.

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The Poor Know Where To Find Riches

mosesMoses Aringo, Malawi says in one of our churches which is four months old the people surprised me with their love for God’s word. Many are old, some walk bare foot, they are all poor but still bring gifts of produce from their fields. Everybody cares for each other. I am buying bags of maize to store and sell to create funds over here for mission and to help build our school for children.

Moses does Banking for The Poor to create work and end poverty forever.

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Which Church Should You Join?

mobilechurchThere are many kinds of gatherings, traditional or modern but a good church will always have the same good ingredients that were found in the New Testament churches. These are devotion to the apostles teaching, which we have today in the Bible; devotion to genuine community and friendship; to receiving the grace of God through the breaking of bread and to prayer. In the first churches there was reverence for God, miracles took place and the churches grew. People shared their possessions, helped the poor, and met to praise God in homes and in the temple. See Acts 2.42-47.

Look for something similar, small or big.

This is from First Steps, a lesson in the free School of Mission.

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Spain Flies The Flag For Israel

israel65anniversaioVirgilio Zaballos, Spain says we took part in the 65th Anniversary March for Israel in Barcelona. It was a very happy and festive day. The Israeli ambassador joined us and I gave him a copy of my new book The Mystery of Israel.

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