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Les and Pilar Norman the founders of DCI say, “Since 1984 we have been helping to train, equip and send men and women from all five continents to follow Christ and make the world a better place. We listen and always reply to people of all ages and encourage them to be leaders in their home, small group, church, mission and the nations.

On the right you can see this week’s news from our Twitter page which we update every day. We also have a Facebook page and behind these words are 5000 mobile-friendly pages of free materials in 27 languages. We will never ask you for money, sell your details, invade your PC or phone, or show you adverts, so you are really safe on here. Please pass on this page to your friends and take away everything that is helpful to you or your people. You are welcome here, God bless you, and all the work of your hands and heart.”

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“Never Have A Minute To Call Your Own – Well Now You Do!”

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Each story takes one minute to read but that minute can change your life.

“We are very happily married, and these days we try to be a listener and a mentor to our readers and partners. Often a writer, sometimes a guest speaker, we have followed Jesus for almost 100 years between us and we enjoy solitude, walking, prayer, cars, gardening, camping, dogs, films, travel and we have spent the last 41 years supporting people and projects in world mission. That’s us.”

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Our Discipleship Training Is Free

somdiplomasThe DCI Discipleship School is first of all free and follows the training methods of Jesus and Paul. There are no walls, no frontiers and because it is not traditional Bible School there are no fees, exactly as you find in the New Testament. Since 1987 we have been making these materials available on every continent and thousands of men and women have learned God’s ways. Many are now following the call of God. You hear about evangelism, mission, discipleship, leadership, church growth and finances. We give you things to talk about, to pray about, to write, to learn, to do and to pass on to others in the style of 2 Timothy 2.2 which we explain. All the teaching will turn you towards Jesus and then outwards to people nearby and far away, and you can earn a certificate at the end. Best of all you can run your own Discipleship Course in your church or your home at either no-cost or very low cost.

Click Free Training at the top or here or here for 16 languages.

Click here for instant free download of all the lessons in Word format.

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How to open your own School of Mission in your church, school or home:
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FAQS PAGE Every Question Answered: Click here

The Discipleship School of Mission is fully or partially available free in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Amharic, Cebuano, Chin, Chinese, Creole, Falam Chin, Hindi, Italian, Kiswahili, Korean, Luo, Mooré, Ngawn, Russian, Romanian, Ottamarie, Telegu, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba. Click and choose.

Click here to see photos of many different DCI Schools of Mission.

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The DCI Fund

MarsDiscoveryDistrictByBorderlessInvestmentsOnFlickrIf you are here looking for funds then our Money Forum will definitely help you. You probably already know that nine out of ten applications for funding are declined, so we tell you why and how to make a credible presentation. The School of Kingdom Finances has 65 free lessons and will help everyone who takes the course to learn God's ways in handling money, avoiding the scandalous so called prosperity gospel that makes poor people even poorer.

To have my lecture notes for the Fund Raising Seminar and much more, click About Money at the top of the page or here.

Click The DCI Fund if you are here looking for funds particularly for your own training or for you to train others at no-cost or low cost. The DCI Fund distributes small and medium size gifts usually on a 50/50 basis or thereabouts as funds permit. We support proposals for the training of men and women as future leaders of 10's, 50's, 100's or 1000's in a DCI School of Mission, or through a similar or more advanced program that is approved by us. Once the training program is established we consider applications to help fund projects in evangelism, mission, leadership training, banking for the poor, in medical campaigns and in care for the poor which must involve you or the students, graduates and leaders as part of the training and work experience.

Please note that we never, ever, and we mean never send money to people we do not know, and you should never do this either as the Internet is overflowing with fake identities and pages. Our application procedure necessarily involves a serious and intrusive verification of identity and integrity which is not a problem to applicants with nothing to hide.

The DCI Fund welcomes gifts large and small, to put together with our own giving to distribute to known and trusted men and women of proven competence, honesty, integrity and vision on the basis of "If you can't go yourself, then for Christ's sake send someone else." (Oswald Smith). We like to send people and rarely consider general appeals for purchases or properties.

Or search for Crowdfunding in Google and invite support for your project.

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Let Me Tell You A Story

dcistoriesWe are Christian Writers and in The DCI Stories we give you 100′s of mini-articles to copy free for your own page or church bulletin. You will enjoy reading them and you may subscribe free to have an email with the new stories that come out every week. Perfect for leaders, business people and committed believers. Always positive, never complaining, these are the lessons we have learned and the amazing people we have met over half a lifetime.

Click here to see the one minute easy to read stories that we write every Friday since 1999.


Click here to go to Amazon Kindle to buy a half-price copy of my book of unique true stories: Never Have A Minute To Call Your Own.

Or to buy the 472 page paper book for less than half price: Click here.

To have the stories in your PC, Tablet or Phone for FREE, click here to download a .pdf file with everything in colour

To see all the DCI Minute stories we write every Friday: Click here.

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The Bank That Likes To Say Yes

bankingivorycoastImagine a bank that is glad to welcome men and women who cannot read or write and are only able to sign with an X or with the mud on their thumbs. A bank with no interest charges, no papers or contracts and does not ask for security. On this page we tell you how to run  Banking and Saving for the Poor in your church or community and end family poverty forever and we tell you who to contact for capital to make a start. We have 20 years of experience, follow our guidelines and you will get it right. We tell you how to run a Goat Bank to give hope to orphans and you can learn how to have a Party With The Poor that people will still talk about ten years later. In Uganda more than thirty new churches have opened after a party like this. Consider Business for Mission to create funds where you are so that you do not become dependant on funds from banks or overseas.

Click Banking For The Poor to find out more.

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In One Minute A Life Can Change

minutetomidnightIt takes just sixty seconds to read The DCI Minute and for the last ten years that one minute has been changing lives. Today the same could happen for you. We write the Minute every weekend especially for the people we know who pray, go, send, give, write and serve around the world. You can subscribe free on the DCI Minute page to receive an email copy every weekend or just send us a message and we will do this for you. It is one of our ways of taking care of our community and staying in touch with you.

Click here to go the latest DCI Minute and see all the previous editions.

Click here to download a free copy of my book Sixty Minutes.

My gift to you before the book appears in the shops.

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Find All The Free Things

womanshockedClick on Free Literature and you tell you where to find free leaflets and books to read or to give away. Enter the word Free in the Search box on the right and you will find many more free books and courses. Freely we have received from the grace of God and freely we give. No-one from DCI will ever ask you for money and if they do they are not from DCI. Our Support Line is also free. Ask us questions but please don’t ask us for money and we will find someone for you who knows the answers.

Since 1985 we have been making God’s love known by making leaders, who make life better for the lost and the last of the world.

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No Walls, No Frontiers, No Fees – Join Us

The DCI Page on Twitter carries news and comments from the worldwide DCI network and we update the page continually throughout each day.

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