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Les and Pilar Norman the founders of DCI say, “Since 1984 we have been serving in this movement for prayer, mission and justice for the poor across the developing world. We help to train believers on all five continents to become disciples and grow into being leaders who follow Christ in their home, small group, church, mission and nation, to make the world a better place.

We listen, learn from you and always reply to every message we receive.

We also have a Facebook page which is updated daily and behind these words are 5000 mobile-friendly pages of free materials in 27 languages. You can also find us on Instagram and X which is Twitter. Click here to see photos of who has been doing what and where this year. We will never ask you for money, sell your details, invade your PC or phone, or show you adverts, so you are really safe on here. Please pass on this page to your friends and for free take away everything that is helpful to you or your people. You are welcome here, God bless you, and all the work of your hands and heart.”

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“We are very happily married, parents and grandparents, and these days we live quietly and try to be a listener and a mentor to our readers and partners. Often a writer of stories and poems, sometimes a guest speaker, we have followed Jesus for 100 years between us and we enjoy solitude, walking, prayer, cars, gardening, camping, dogs, films, travel and we have spent the last 42 years together supporting people and projects in world mission. That’s us.”

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