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somdiplomasThe DCI Discipleship School is first of all free and follows the training methods of Jesus and Paul. There are no walls, no frontiers and because it is not traditional Bible School there are no fees, exactly as you find in the New Testament. Since 1987 we have been making these materials available on every continent and thousands of men and women have learned God’s ways. Many are now following the call of God. You hear about evangelism, mission, discipleship, leadership, church growth and finances. We give you things to talk about, to pray about, to write, to learn, to do and to pass on to others in the style of 2 Timothy 2.2 which we explain. All the teaching will turn you towards Jesus and then outwards to people nearby and far away, and you can earn a certificate at the end. Best of all you can run your own Discipleship Course in your church or your home at either no-cost or very low cost.

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The Discipleship School of Mission is fully or partially available free in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Amharic, Cebuano, Chin, Chinese, Creole, Falam Chin, Hindi, Italian, Kiswahili, Korean, Luo, Mooré, Ngawn, Russian, Romanian, Ottamarie, Telegu, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba. Click and choose.

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Rev. John Garang CHOL

My beloved in DCI, I’m really happy that after a longtime I can write to you again, I’m John Garang CHOL from South Sudan and now I’m in Khartoum Sudan, the founder of Youth Disciples For All Nations Ministries (YDFAN.M), I have just two months and half now in Sudan and I have started the Ministry here now, God is doing great here Muslim are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, please keep praying for us. And I was trying to use some of your materials but now Arabic, so I’m asking your permission to allow me to translate them.
Stay blessed
Rev. John Garang
YDFA. M Sudan

Shem Ageta

Servant of the Living God, El Roi, thank you for offering me fellowship in the name of Jesus. I am a believer in Kenya and am studying the materials and catching the spirit of DCI which I AM PERSUADED IS THE MOVE OF GOD FOR THIS GENERATION. I wish to have a feast in my house on 7th June 2014. You are invited and welcome.

peter jirmo

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I write to introduce myself and ministry to you man of God our church, End time Army international church is an independent in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa. We are involved in Evangelism, church planting, outreach, women ministry, leadership training, children ministry prison ministry, Hiv/aids, widows and orphans ministries. We have churches in Kenya and also in Ethiopia and by grace of God we are in the process of planting many churches in Kenya ,Ethiopia, Uganda ,south sudan,Malawi south Africa ,Burundi very soon .

We are hopeful that the Lord will use you as a point of contact to connect our churches Essipassaly we have a lot of leaders in our church and they really need the training

My request to you is, if it’s possible I like you open your bible college branch to train our leaders also more other church leaders so .also we involved in a lot f activates and we relay need your prayer and partnership
And I request you jointly work together in fulfilment of the GREAT COMMISSION. (Matt 28:19-20). . It’s our prayer that you will see this connection as a mission opportunity for your ministry.

I wish you and church family more blessings as you work in the Lord’s vine yard.
Yours in Christ,
Peter Jirmo, Waldo

Pastor Norman Sithole

Am a senior pastor of Pentecostal Revival Ministry, and in 2012 we started a college to teach pastors. We two major stumbling blocks , first , we have few resource materials for our students who come rural areas and Mozambique for training. Second, we need an outside partner to offer diplomas in theology after completion.

Dipen Lama

Dear brothers in Christ,

How can I run a DCI school of Mission. Earlier I have asked to translate the book in Nepali. I am a teacher by profession and also the Secretary of Nepali Baptist Church, Senapati District, Manipur (India). I like to educate my people through learning and teaching process. The people here are poor, so how can I realise the dream come true.

Please reply & give me the way for His sake.

With regards,

Dipen Lama.


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