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somdiplomasThe DCI School if Mission is first of all free and follows the training methods of Jesus and Paul. There are no walls, no frontiers and because it is not traditional Bible School there are no fees, exactly as you find in the New Testament. Since 1987 we have been making these materials available on every continent and thousands of men and women have learned God’s ways. Many are now following the call of God. You hear about evangelism, mission, discipleship, leadership, church growth and finances. We give you things to talk about, to pray about, to write, to learn, to do and to pass on to others in the style of 2 Timothy 2.2 which we explain. All the teaching will turn you towards Jesus and then outwards to people nearby and far away, and you can earn a certificate at the end. Best of all you can run your own Discipleship Course in your church, school, university, in your village or in your home at either no-cost or very low cost.

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The Discipleship School of Mission is fully or partially available free in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Amharic, Cebuano, Chin, Chinese, Creole, Falam Chin, Hindi, Italian, Kiswahili, Korean, Luo, Mooré, Ngawn, Russian, Romanian, Ottamarie, Telegu, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba. Click and choose.

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