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If you are looking for funds then click DCI Money Forum to read lots of advice from 33 years of experience in raising support.

If you are a pastor or leader looking for funds for a church program or project we recommend that you click here to apply to the MS Foundation.

BBC TV Sport Relief and Comic Relief also raise tens of millions of pounds every year, 50% of which is for the developing world. Click to apply.

If you are a student looking for funds for higher education then we recommend that you study these MS Foundation pages very carefully.

If you are looking for capital to open a Banking for the Poor or a micro-credit scheme then please study this page very carefully and apply to one of the funding agencies on the list given at the end of the page.

If you are looking for Bibles we recommend that you study these pages very carefully and contact the organisation. Click for yet more possibilities.

If you are active in the DCI movement with a good track record of at least 12 months correspondence then you may apply below for a small grant, loan or 50/50 partnership if we have funds available. As a UK registered charity we can only sends funds to another legally registered charity, church or organisation, not to individuals.

We are very interested in the communication of the gospel, in the training of new leaders, in ‘remembering the poor’ and in opening new centres that will provide these services.

At the moment we have some funds to help with the development of DCI Schools of Mission and in-course activities like this Sports Championship, and to open a church where no church exists.

We have limited start-up funds for development projects to end poverty such as opening businesses or plantations to create jobs and to provide locally earned funds for mission.

We have some start up funds for a Banking for the Poor scheme.

We can help with life saving projects for the poor like medical mission or malaria prevention and emergency funds for life or death issues following an accident or disaster.

You may enquire about other possibilities if they are not on the following list:


Requests to provide regular income, support, salaries or monthly expenses for the personal benefit of the applicant.
Click here to read: Why is this? We are sorry but at present we do not have any funds available for the following: appeals that have been sent to many people; major aid or relief after disasters; building programs; sponsorship of crusades, travel tickets; regular support for orphanages; meals for conventions; the purchase of gifts, cars, motor-bikes, computers, printers, scanners, cameras, copiers; and anything not agreed in advance.

The four basic criteria we employ to evaluate any application are:

1. Is the applicant in good relationship with us ? *

2. Is the applicant a good and truthful communicator ?

3. Can the applicant give evidence of proven integrity ?

4. Is the applicant competent to run the project ?

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