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Business for Mission

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In the developing world chickens, accommodation, mushrooms, shoes, computers, pullover manufacturing, door to door sales, fish, bananas and much more all make money locally to fund mission and work with the poor.

A doormat factory in Indonesia

For less than $1000 in start-up funds this small factory employs local poor men and women, most of who are Muslims who work in harmony with the Christian owners. Good wages are paid and profits are invested in projects and care for the local poor people through a local church. For a similar investment a retail fruit was opened in Pakistan and Ivory Coast has a rice sales business, both were profitable from day one.

Plantations in Burkina Faso, Liberia and Uganda.

Hundreds of hectares of dry, semi-desert land are being irrigated and cultivated with bananas, cassva, pineapples, oranges and arable crops which produce employment and give a major cash crop several times a year with the potential to provide a huge income for local mission, church planting and social action for the poorest.

Business and Mission are peas in the same pod

Many businessmen and women in the UK, Europe and the USA see their giving for the gospel as the real reason why they are in business. In Genesis 12,1-3, God has promised to bless those who bless the work of mission, and over 30 years we have proven this to be the case. You are very welcome to join us.

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