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School of Prayer

12000hoursTwelve Thousand And Rising

We did not sleep well that night. The home in the Irish countryside was warm, the bed was comfortable but the least sound made our eyes open as if on springs. Our host had just recounted his days in the armed IRA struggle in open hostility with the British. “How long does it take for the gospel to change a man,” we Brits asked ourselves in the silence of the night. The day had at dawn as we headed for the Irish Sea ferries driving a borrowed red Ford Transit van into which someone had shoe-horned a V6 engine which was fine for speed but not for traffic because this home-made conversion required a three foot long gear lever and very long arms. The IRA man had already taken us to a Full Gospel Businessman’s meeting to hear the personal preacher to Pope John Paul II, a Father Raniero Cantalamessa, who to our very great surprise spoke boldly about Jesus and was more pentecostal than the Pentecostals. Next day we went on our way to Cork City to collect a very young John O’Donovan who was leaving behind the idols of the faith he was born into, to join our church over the water in Nottingham. This we did, spending our final night in a Mrs. McCarthy’s Guest House, forever remembered for the green moss that lined the bath. Talking to John this week, in a very unassuming way he just mentioned that since that journey in 1979 he thinks that he has spent more than 12,000 hours in prayer. Knowing John as we do, this is not silent, contemplative prayer but serious spoken intercession through many a long night, so releasing revelation and a multitude of answers from God.

This week we have a gift for you. John has very graciously given us his study notes on prayer and five audio recordings of the man himself teaching on prayer.

Click here for the Notes on The School of Prayer.

Click here for audio mp3: Planning a Time of Prayer

Click here for audio mp3: Prayer in Scripture

Click here for audio mp3: Prayer with Fasting

Click here for audio mp3: Prayers of the Bible

Click here for audio mp3: The Power of Prayer

Please pass on these links to as many people as you wish, but the materials must not be sold.

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