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18. Bring Back The King

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In Your Bible Read This

Jeremiah 8.20; Matthew 13.

Here is your Memory Verse

The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever. Revelation 11.15

Afterwards talk about this

What signs of the times can you see in the earth? What actual events can you see in the newspaper and TV news which are prophesied in the Bible?

Something to do before next time

Have you been blessed by these studies? If so, ask to speak in the churches and tell people what is available. Invite them to a new session that you will organise or tell them how to form their own groups.

Written diploma work

Examine 2 Peter 3, 10-17 and make a list of ten answers to the question, "What kind of people ought we to be," in view of the soon coming of the Lord.

Meditate word by word on this verse

Revelation 22, 20.

Spend a Minute to Change the World

Pray for Zaire – 42,000,000 people in 450 ethnic groups. Facing massive change and conflict after Mobutu, Evangelicals 21%, RC's 42%

Be sure to teach this lesson to others. Always pray and prepare well adding your own verses and stories to bring it to life.

At the moment our King, Jesus, is away and waiting for God's time to return and rule the world with justice. Everybody wants to know when. In Acts 1.7 Jesus said, "Mind your business, and get on with the job" but he has given us lots of clues about when his return may be expected.

There are signs in the earth

First of all the King's prophecies have to be fulfilled. Jesus has told us about world events leading to his return, so as the 'last days' unfold we must expect these signs of the end to be here in greater measure. See Matthew 24.3-51; Mark 13, 1-37; Luke 21, 5-36.

Nations must rise against nations.

The word nations is 'ethnos,' which means people groups. So even though world wars are over, ethnic wars are breaking out in places like Bosnia, Chechenya, Afghanistan and Rwanda.

Catastrophes must increase.

More famines, plagues, earthquakes and cyclones are pointers to the end.

Fearful events and great signs.

Calamities must come, maybe caused by pollution, exploding populations, the destruction of forests, nuclear accidents or the wide gap between poor and rich. Some prophets think that the rich West is near the end of the years of Joseph's fat cows, Gen. 41, 17-40, and the years of the skinny cows are at hand. The thin cows ate the fat cows which represent national reserves, but were just as thin. As in Joseph's time, people may end up in captivity to debt with neither money, stocks for buying and selling or land, and a Saviour, like Joseph must come.

Great spiritual events

Both good and counterfeit revivals take place as evil spirit tries to match the move of the Spirit of God to bring about a world harvest for Jesus.

Israel is a clear sign in the earth

After 1,900 years of being scattered in the earth, homeless and unwanted, God's ancient people, the Jews are back in their land exactly as prophesied, eg. Amos 9, 8-15.

Seals, trumpets, plagues and bowls.

Seven of each are found in Revelation chapters 6 – 16, which tells of dramatic events on Earth which must happen. But don't worry, look up! All these things must take place. They point to the return of Jesus which will resolve every issue, and answer the prayer of millions all over the world. See Luke 21, 25-26.

There are signs in the kingdom

A Kingdom is where a King reigns. We pray to God, "Your Kingdom come," and the Kingdom parables, eg. Mat. 13, show us how this is happening. From the few friends at the Cross, today millions loyally and happily own Jesus as their King.

The Kingdom is Coming

  • The sower tells us that the Kingdom is here now and although it can be resisted, there is far more good soil than stones, thistles and birds.
  • The weeds tell us that God's field is the world while the net explains how the good news catches both good and bad fish, hence Judas following Jesus. There is a separation at the end.
  • The mustard seed and the yeast show us that God's Kingdom is here, but in an unexpected tiny form to begin with. Later just as the tiny yeast fills the bowl, God's Kingdom will fill the earth.
  • The treasure and the pearl show that if a man discovers the Kingdom he will own it at any price.
  • The growing seed, Mark 4.26, shows God's Kingdom growing all by itself, even without human help. One day God’s sickle will reap a full harvest.

The church is being built

Jesus promised with passion that " I will build my church," Mat. 16.18, Eph. 5.27, and that is exactly what he is doing in these days. Over 50% of the people that have ever been saved, have been saved since 1900, and most of those since 1950. 70,000 people give their lives to Jesus every day. Great revivals are winning millions in South America, in sub-saharan Africa, and in parts of Russia, China and South Korea.

National repentance is happening

When people repent for the sins of their nation they hasten the day of the King's return. Why is this? In Acts 3.13 Peter strongly accuses his people of killing Jesus. In fact they had not done this personally, but their leaders certainly had. Peter declares that if we identify with the sins of our nations, repent on their behalf, turning to God for them, God will do this, Acts 3, 19-20:

  • Sins will be removed.
  • Times of refreshing will come.
  • God will send Jesus to us again to restore everything.
  • In many churches these days all over the world, leaders and people alike confess the sins of their nation and ask God for mercy and forgiveness.

The great commission is advancing

In Matthew 24.14 Jesus says that the end will come only when this gospel of the Kingdom is preached to all nations. The word for nations, ethnos, does not mean political countries like India, but ethnic groups of people, united by a common language or culture. Only 200 years ago virtually none of the tens of thousands were reached, even in 1900 the number was small. Today, scholars know that around 7000 major groups remain. They know their names and where they are. Plans and prayers are in hand to reach them all.

So what kind of people should we be?

2 Peter 3.10-18 says in view of the coming day of the Lord we should be holy, spotless, blameless, speeding his coming, on guard, not carried away, growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus.

How do we 'speed the day?'

By praying and working for the Kingdom to come by building the Church, confessing our nation's sins, and by finishing the Great Commission.


To Close Pray for the World's Most Unreached Peoples by Name

Taken from the Joshua Project Unreached Peoples List these people have no church and as yet no cell, church or mission has committed themselves to prayer, adoption or church planting among this people.


People Name Language Population
Anatolian Turk Turkish 22,000
Bajelan (Shabak, Gura) Bajelan 20,000
Circassian (Cherkess) Adyghe 10,000
Dom Gypsy Domari 50,000
Hawrami (Gurani) Hawrami 22,000
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