5. Prayer

In Your Bible Read This

Luke 10.38 to Luke 11.28.

Here Is Your Memory Verse

Jesus said, "Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly." Luke 18.7,8.

Afterwards Talk About This

Discuss which level of prayer you have reached. See if you can plan together to move onwards into deeper intercession.

Something To Do Before Next Time

Ladies often have a powerful, anointed ministry in prayer. Perhaps they are more sensitive than men? Do you think you could persuade say two or three sisters to meet together each week to intercede for all the students as you learn together.

Diploma Work

Discover how Jesus prayed by searching the gospels and Hebrews 5.7. Write down your findings on one side of paper.

Meditate On This Passage

Colossians 4, 2-4.

Spend a Minute to Change the World

Pray For Guatemala – Praise God for huge Christian growth. Up to 45% believers in the cities, many rural un-reached peoples.

Be sure to teach this lesson to others. Always pray and prepare well adding your own verses and stories to bring it to life.

Jesus never prayed tired, old prayers which were repeated time and again. The disciples noticed just how effective, alive and relevant the prayers of Jesus were. What is more they saw answers, often before their eyes, which would have been unusual in old Judaism. But strangely only one disciple dared to ask in Luke 11.1.

"Teach Us How To Pray"

Have you ever noticed that when you decide to pray a conspiracy of the world, the flesh and the devil does all it can to distract you? You feel restless, or hungry, sleepy or you suddenly think of lots of things you must do.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is many things to many people. It is everything from conversation to hard physical and spiritual work. In Luke 11.9 and 10 there are three levels of prayer ~

Level 1 Is Very Simple – Ask.

Ask- for what you want, although your Father knows exactly what you need before you speak to him. Be like children who are experts in this! Read 2 Samuel 5, 17-25 to see how David found out what to do by enquiring of God. Knowing God's mind leads step by step to the great security of 1 John 3.21. On the other hand read Joshua 9. especially verse 14 to see the folly of not asking the Lord.

Level 2 Is Really Beautiful – Seek.

It is simply seeking Jesus, just for who he is. Enjoy spending lots of time alone with him, telling him everything, listening to him, without bringing him all those requests and shopping lists.

Level 3 Changes The World – Knock.

Knock – on the door of the head of the Church. You will hear Jesus say, "Come in." He invites you and all believers to join him in prayer because "he ever lives to intercede," praying for a world of lost people. Joining in his prayers is the real intercession, often the work of hours or even days. Heb. 7, 24-25

Why Pray?

There are many reasons, not least a two way conversation between your Father and you his child as you grow up. However, with the insight given by Jesus Luke 11.21 we will all will find some very compelling reasons for prayer.

  • The strong man represents Satan.
  • His house is the earth and his well guarded possessions are people.
  • The one who is stronger is Jesus.
  • We are in him and seated with him. Eph. 1.23; 2.6
  • The spoils are all the people who are rescued through prayer. Your family, and neighbours and even people you pray for far away.

Who Should Pray?

In Luke 18.1, Jesus tells his followers, men and women, boys and girls, that they should always pray and not give up. Prayer is a powerful ministry open to every believer, young and old alike.

Where Should We Pray?

In Bible days people still travelled to pray in the Temple or in the small Jewish meeting places. The Bible says that today your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so you can pray anywhere, any time at all, and in any way ~ kneeling, walking, working, cycling, sitting, even lying down.

When Should We Pray?

Jesus says we can pray 'always,' and Paul said, 'on all occasions.' Day or night, at any moment as discipline demands or as our heart prompts, we can easily pray. Jesus tells us to persevere in prayer, and Paul says to pray in the Spirit with all kinds of prayer and requests, from the most silent to the most passionate.

How Should We Pray?

Jesus said in Luke 11.2-4 that THIS is how you pray. These words were never meant to be repeated again and again without thinking or passion as they are in so many churches, but they should be prayed from both the heart and the mind.

Begin By Speaking To Our Father

Remember that our Father is a perfect loving and caring Father, not like so many of our earthly fathers.

Hallow And Bless His Name

Take time to worship and appreciate him, before saying anything else. Tell God how much you love him and thank him for his love for you and for your family and nation. John 4.23.

Ask For His Kingdom To Come – A kingdom is where a king rules, so ask for God's rule to come where it is needed in your own life and mind, in the family and in the nation.

Ask For His Will To Be Done – Against unrighteous events in society.

Ask For Your Daily Bread – Father is very willing to provide for us.

Ask God To Forgive Your Sins – Let Jesus' blood cleanse from every sin.

And now that you are forgiven – Forgiving others is the condition for receiving our own forgiveness.

Lead Us Not – But Lead You Where? – Ask for God's guidance for your life.

Ask God To Deliver You From Evil – That lurks deep in you, in the family, and in such things as drugs and wars.

Praise Him For His Kingdom And Glory – A lovely opportunity for more worship, praise and words of faith. See how when you pray like this time flies by.

Finally here is a powerful prayer secret. Jesus finishes his teaching on prayer in Luke 11.13 by telling us how willing the Father is to give us the Holy Spirit. So always invite the Holy Spirit to lead every time of prayer, alone or together and see how he draws prayer from your heart and lips. Hours will fly by like minutes. Luke 11.5-8; Eph. 6.18.

To Close Pray for the World's Most Unreached Peoples by Name

Taken from the Joshua Project Unreached Peoples List these people have no church and as yet no cell, church or mission has committed themselves to prayer, adoption or church planting among this people.


People Name Language Population
Comorian (Mauri, Mahor) Comorian (Mayotte) 90,000
Kabyle, Greater (We) Kabyle 537,000
Kurd, Northern (Kermanji) Kermanji (Kurmanji) 74,000
Persian (Irani) Farsi, Western 62,000
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