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Owe No Man Anything

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An outline for a lively discussion in a home group or Bible School

“Debts are the biggest reasons why Christians are always struggling. I am leading a men’s group and we have around 20 to 30 regulars.  We are trying to get free of the need to work for our companies so that we can get more involved full time in Christian work. One of our biggest problems is that most of the men are up to their necks and beyond in debts and some don’t even see that as a problem.  Personally I think that debts are one of the biggest reasons why Christians are always struggling and they are one of the biggest obstacles that stop us serving others.”

How to avoid debts . . .

1. Be content with what you have

This does not mean to resign ourselves or to accept what is wrong in our lives. Not at all! But in wanting more than what we have, we often fall prey of the enemy. too easy access to credit and plastic cards can make our dreams come true in instalments. But firstly, we need to experience contentment with what we have, then we can get access by the blessing of God to other things. We must not buy by impulse

2. Prepare a real family budget

Allocate spending according to real priorities.

3. Avoid debts – owe no one anything

To buy in instalments or with a credit is not to owe. To owe is not to pay when the instalment is due. The first advice to all who are sunk in debts is Do Not Hide Away. Ask for help.  Go to the local Citizens Advice Centre, or Christians against Poverty. Allow them to talk with your creditors, show them your commitment to pay your debts and propose a schedule of payment. Take immense care with the debt relief companies who want to consolidate your many debts into one loan from them.

4. Do not feed your eyes

Avoid shopping in sales, malls, department stores and shopping centres. Remember that temptation enters through the eyes.

5. Avoid the spirit of consumerism, pray against  it

Many shops consult mediums, clairvoyants, New Age or Oriental mysticism and even display charms to increase their sales and to create in their customers an irresistible desire to buy.

6. Be faithful to the Lord

Give your tithes, offerings and promises and trust Him to met every genuine need that you have.

7. Share with others what you have

Do not wait until you are “wealthy” to extend your hand to the most needy. Remember that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’

From Pastor Angel Gerber,

New Wine Ministry, Jerusalem

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