Why Mornings Are Important

Every morning

I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar

and watch for fire to descend.

“Sacrifice isn’t something we do for God. Simply, we lay out the stuff of life so that he can do something with it and with us. On the altar a sacrificial offering is changed into what is pleasing and acceptable to God. In the very act of offering we give up ownership and control, and we watch to see what God will do with it. God who speaks life into us also listens when we speak. So we put into words the difficulties and delights that we foresee in the hours ahead. We assemble fears and hopes, apprehensions and anticipations, and place them on the altar as an offering. We prepare a morning sacrifice and we watch.”

We were touched by these words taken from Psalm 5.3 and Eugene Peterson and we thought that you would like to have them as well. We may carry a heavy load to the altar but by leaving it there we do return much lighter and with hope. Mornings are important. Let’s meet early.

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