What The Scanner Cannot See

mriscanAlex at 11 years old woke up with serious lumps emerging everywhere. This week, after two and a half years of incredible bravery, prayer, tears and chemotherapy, the MRI scan came back showing no sign of cancer. When our friend John heard the words, “six months to live,” with battlefield bravery he took to prayer, asking for prayer and choosing life by the minute. He took the palliative treatment – most of the time. This week, 14 months on, he eats well, works all hours, plays sports with his kids and gives like crazy to missions. The latest scan shows the tumours are shrinking. Not every cancer story has a happy ending, this I know this all too well. Even so, ‘fear not,’ says the Bible – 366 times, that’s once for every day and one extra for a leap year. That’s how often we need to hear those two words. Hearts may fail for fear, yet bravery in the face of the enemy is always rewarded, hopefully in life, and if not, then in the good memories left behind. After all bravery is seen not scanned.

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