The Bank That Likes To Say Yes

bankingivorycoastImagine a bank that is glad to welcome men and women who cannot read or write and are only able to sign with an X or with the mud on their thumbs. A bank with no interest charges, no papers or contracts and does not ask for security. On this page we tell you how to run  Banking and Saving for the Poor in your church or community and end family poverty forever and we tell you who to contact for capital to make a start. We have 20 years of experience, follow our guidelines and you will get it right. We tell you how to run a Goat Bank to give hope to orphans and you can learn how to have a Party With The Poor that people will still talk about ten years later. In Uganda more than thirty new churches have opened after a party like this. Consider Business for Mission to create funds where you are so that you do not become dependant on funds from banks or overseas.

Click Banking For The Poor to find out more.

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