Stir The Gift Not The Martini

martiniWhen people of retirement age meet together, generally everyone has a story about their cruise, the caravan, the camper or last Christmas in Cancun. That’s OK. They all worked harder than I did, for longer and did better by far. Enjoy, because at our age my friends, today has no manufacturer’s guarantee of replacement. Rest by all means but to be complacent, to call it a day, never. Complacency extinguishes the driving force that paid for the cruise in the first place, stifles creativity and is a sure recipe for dementia. Contentment is fine, gratitude is better yet best of all is continuing in the call of God to leave the world a fairer, healthier, saner place for our children and those of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Personally, I do suspect that when the ageing apostle Paul urged young Timothy to stir up the gift in him; it was only what he insisted to his own soul every single morning. After all at Paul’s age, the Aegean is as good as the Caribbean, and a deck chair on a Greek island is as comfortable as a deck chair anywhere else.

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