49. Giving for the First Time

In Your Bible Read This Out Loud: Psalm 23

Memorise This Verse: Psalm 27:13 ‘I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living’.

Afterwards Talk About This:  Share experiences of when you gave for the first time.

Something To Do Before Next Time:  Read the story of Abraham offering Isaac in Genesis 22.

Written Diploma Work:  Write one side on the obstacles that prevent people from giving.

Meditate Word By Word On This Verse:  Genesis 22:17

This chapter entitled ‘Giving in the tough times’ will consider some of the very real concerns and questions that people may have concerning giving when their financial circumstances are very uncertain. The sections in this chapter will look at giving for the first time, giving when you see no return and finally giving when money is short so there won’t be many people who read these sections that will not have to consider these sections at some point in their lives.

Whilst a lot of what has been said previously will be a strong challenge it is very much intended that these sections will be sympathetic to the very real and very tough financial situations that can appear in people’s lives. So this first section will consider giving for the first time perhaps as you have read so far, you have been convicted of your need to be a generous giver – let this section encourage you to take this first big step.

Perhaps the best way to persuade yourself that you should be a giver is to ask your self the question – do you honestly believe that God doesn’t want you to give your money to see people saved from eternal damnation in the lake of fire in hell, or has in fact God spoken to you about the need to be a giver. Most Christians will admit that God requires them to be generous in their giving but most Christians choose to ignore what God has spoken to them.

Ultimately giving isn’t an emotion that comes upon you and makes you give but is a simple choice between obeying God or choosing to disobey God. If you obey God in your finances you will release God into your finances to be your personal financial advisor should you choose to disobey what God has spoken about tithing you tie his hands and shut his mouth and prevent him from guiding your financial affairs.

The second reason is that by giving you will activate the laws of sowing and reaping in your favour and as a result a small gift can spark a large flow of blessings in your life.

God has a wave of blessings for all his children, which he desires to release to them however, he cannot do so until they play their part in receiving it. As soon as you decide to be a giver you will start to position yourself to receive God’s best the tide will turn and instead of blessings flowing around you they will flow into you.

Seeing the blessings of God in your life is more determined by you than God, he is determined to bless all his children – but the divine flow of blessings can be dammed up through us not giving (and for other reasons as well). As you choose to be a giver and release your money to God he will in turn release his flow of blessings to you.

Moreover becoming a giver is a milestone in the Christian life that God has ordained that all his children should walk through in order to progress to maturity in the Christian faith. There are certain milestones that all of us have to pass through which we can look back upon as being important experiences in our relationship with God – some examples are listed below. It would appear that as we experience the fullness of Holy Spirit transforming our lives we will be led into the blessedness of giving.

  • Salvation
  • Water Baptism
  • Baptism in Holy Spirit
  • Speaking in tongues
  • Operating in Spiritual Gifts
  • Tithing

When starting to become a giver people will undoubtedly fear for their financial situation and the future and instead of freely returning God’s money back to him by giving, they become paralysed with fear and a withholding attitude. Surely God is not unaware of our humanity, our fears and our concerns Psalm 139:2 says that he perceives our thoughts from afar.

Becoming a generous giver is a big step of faith and for someone to let go of their money to God when all their lives they have been conditioned to keep a tight hold of every penny it will be a big decision.

Many voices will come against you when you decide to obey God by being a giver the voice of your own flesh, the voice of the devil and the voice of the world will all tell you to not let go of a single penny. However, in the midst of these dark, ugly voices the reassuring voice of Holy Spirit will continue to encourage you to be a giver.

Should we not relax in the love of God that is set over our lives and ,the goodness of God. and to trust him to watch over our lives so his good plans for our life will come to pass?. If you fear becoming a giver, then you are not persuaded of the love of God and you have more faith  that God will let you down than bless you. As you honour God financially he will honour you financially God is no man’s debtor ! as you contemplate becoming a giver, why not trust him?

The laws of giving and receiving and sowing and reaping are there for our benefit – the goodness and blessings of God are encapsulated by these laws. As you perceive the blessings that await you, then you will want to give in order that you might release this divine flow of blessings in your life.

Believe, relax and trust in the goodness of God and join David’s confidence in Psalm 27: 13 that, ‘I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living’.

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