8. Hearing God

In Your Bible Read This

John 10, 1-16, Psalm 29, Matthew 4.4

Here Is Your Memory Verse

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3, 5-6

Afterwards Talk About This

How do people normally find guidance before deciding what to do? Compare your answer with the lesson’s points to find the best way forward.

Something To Do Before Next Time

Begin a journal to record all the things that God is saying to you. Verses, happenings, provisions should all be written down and reviewed to discover the total revelation.

Written Diploma Work

Look at the list of supernatural ways of receiving guidance, then in one page find and list where such things happened in the Bible.

Meditate Word By Word On This Verse

Revelation 19, 9-10

Spend a Minute to Change the World

Pray For Tibet – 2,200,000 loyal to the Dalai Lama

Invaded by China, maybe 1m dead. Strongly Buddhist, few believers.

Be sure to teach this lesson to others. Always pray and prepare well adding your own verses and stories to bring it to life.

Will God Guide Me?

Many people foolishly turn to spiritism for guidance, see Isaiah 8.20, but no-one is better at guiding his people than God. See Prov. 3, 3-5, Romans 12, 1,2 and Psalms 25, 9; 32, 8-9; 37, 23-24; 48.14.

Which Way?

Jesus is the Way, and the Truth and the Life. He says “Follow me,” John 14.6; Luke 1.79 and Rev. 7.17. If you want to know all about God’s ways then look at Jesus because he and the Father are One. John 6.38, 10.30, Hebrews 1.3.

What did Abraham’s servant say? Genesis 24.27.

Why were lost people happy? Psalm 107,7.

Why were the kings overjoyed? Matthew 2.9-12.

Who told Peter to go in Acts 10, 9-19?

Who said send in Acts 13, 1-3?

Who is guiding Paul in Acts 16, 6-10?

Who will speak to you and guide you even in your daily problems?

“On a journey in France there was a strike and all the roads were blocked by trucks. A man came and spoke to us in Spanish and gave us detailed instructions about how to reach Spain using country tracks. I wrote the details, looked up and he was gone. That day we were the only car to cross the border. Who was that man? How did he know that I understood Spanish?”

God Is Not Silent

In fact he has been speaking since the very beginning. Hearing God’s voice is the first step to knowing God’s guidance. Genesis 1.3, Hebrews 1.1,2.

How Does God Speak To Us?

God Speaks Through His Word

You will be surprised at how much you will hear with your heart as you read with your eyes. Psalm 119,105, Hebrews 4.12. Always remember that God who gives you the revelation should also be asked for the interpretation and the application.

God Speaks Through His Spirit

He lives in you, John 14,17

He brings God’s word to life. Genesis 1.2-3; Zechariah 4,6,

He speaks to us deep within, Romans 8.16

What Else Does The Spirit Do?

He leads the sons of God, Romans 8,14

He speaks in worship times, Acts 13,2

He speaks through prophecy, tongues and interpretation, words of knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Luke 2, 25-38

He opens and closes doors, Acts 16,10

Listen To The Voice In Your Heart

Some Christian businessmen were interviewing an experienced manager, for an important job. They all knew in their spirit that the man was a liar but no-one dared to say so. Months later the manager brought ruin. When the others met again they confessed one by one that they had all been warned by God’s voice, but no-one obeyed!

God Speaks In Prayer Times

If you call to God he will tell you great things you did not know. Jeremiah 33.3

David made a habit of asking God what to do, 2 Samuel 5.19

God Speaks In Supernatural Ways

God sends dreams, visions, audible words, warnings and distresses. He provides signposts like pillars of cloud or fire, burning bushes, even stars, and storms, Job 3,14-28; Exodus 13.21, 3.2; Matthew 2.2. Jonah 1.12.

Juanita was going on a missions trip to West Africa passing through Senegal. One night the Lord spoke to her in a dream saying, “You need a visa for Senegal.” She rang the airline who said, “No, you do not.” She phoned the embassy who said, ” Yes, you do.” The trip was saved by the Lord’s dream.

God Speaks Through Angel Visitors

Gabriel and the angels still bring us messages from God as they always have done. Daniel 10, 4-21, Luke 1, 11-20; 1, 26-28, 2.10-15, Hebrews 13.2, Revelation 19, 9-10

God Speaks Through People

Fellow believers particularly mature brothers and sisters, elders and ministers often bring us God’s word through preaching, teaching, counsel and the gifts of the Spirit. Acts 15.28,

God Speaks Through Confirmations

If you are not sure of the source of your guidance, never be afraid to ask God to confirm his wisdom to you. James 1.5-7, 1 John 4.1. Never move without the confirmation of God’s referee, the gift of his peace in your heart and conscience. Col. 3.15

God Speaks Through Providence

The word pro in pro-vision means ‘for,’ that is something ‘for’ the vision. God encourages you to go on by providing open doors, men, money or materials. Ezra 1, 5-7.

How Do We Receive God’s Guidance?

It’s like an aeroplane searching for the runway. From far away it uses radar to generally locate its home. Then radio signals show the route until the pilot sees lights pointing the way in. Precise lights show him the runway itself and finally a man with a torch tells him where to park. In other words guidance comes in many ways, and it does not come all at once, but increases and gets more detailed as the journey of faith progresses. Prov. 16.9

God sometimes delays showing you his will until exactly the right time to display his glory. Be patient, you may well get much more than you expected as Lazarus’ sisters did! John 11, 5-44 Dare you really risk following God’s revelation? Do not worry because God has a big safety net. If we want his will, God’s voice will always confirm, correct or even cancel our plans, Isaiah 30.21.

To Close Pray for the World’s Most Unreached Peoples by Name

Taken from the Joshua Project Unreached Peoples List these people have no church and as yet no cell, church or mission has committed themselves to prayer, adoption or church planting among this people.


People NameLanguagePopulation
Nabra (Nabt)Nabt46,000
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