Return Ticket Required

ticketofficeI have studied it, prayed it, stood at the front to say yes to it, preached it, taught it, written it, given to it, sent people into it and believe me, paid a price for it. Yet when a teenage young lady came forward to read the Bible in last night’s church meeting, she turned to the final four verses of Matthew’s gospel, chapter 28 known as the Great Commission. As she spoke the Holy Spirit whispered in my soul, “You have forgotten all about it.” No-one else would know that, no-one would guess it, not even me, but it is true. In all the humdrum, everyday issues of life, church, health and holidays, sending funds and repelling frauds how easy it is to be consumed by the what and forget the why. Dust and ashes are the appropriate clothing for today. A return ticket to my first love is required.

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