Pilar Poems

Pilar Remón has published more than 300 poems in her native Spanish language,
and these are downloaded free thousands of times each year,
you can see and hear them by clicking here.

These are Pilar's first poems in English,
you can contact her by clicking here or at the end of the page.


Lord speak to me
My soul is thirsty like the dry land
There are so many voices around me
That tell me what to do
Where to go
Lord I need to hear your voice
I am lost
Lord you are everything to me
I need you like the dry land
Needs the fresh rain
to satisfy this dry land
and make me be so full of life
like a fruitful vine I will be
with joy and love and peace
and all Your fruits
Then I will see you
Yes I will see your Kingdom come
Embracing this thirsty land.



This is the day
The Lord has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it
This is a gift in my hands
I can do with it
Whatever I want
The attitude of my heart
Will make of this day
A grey one or a great one
No matter the colour outside
This is the day
The Lord has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it
We can be grateful
To Him for this day
A wonderful present
For all of us
This is the day
The Lord has made
We will rejoice
And be glad in it.



Where are you Lord when I need you?
Where do my prayers go
When everything looks like it is lost?
This is the cry of many people
In their own pain.
But You say I understand
I know everything about pain
I have been there, on the cross
Load on to me all your suffering
All your loneliness and tears
I understand your pain
I want to you know
That you are not alone
I am with you
We are together
I am holding your hand
In this valley of pain
And we will cross the river
To be on the other side
My dear child
I will carry you in my arms.



In the early hours of the morning
When everything is quiet
When silence surrounds me
Then I will come to you
And I will hear your voice
When you say that you love me
And I will come to you
I will open my heart
And say to you everything that is in it
All my fears all my doubts
Everything, Lord
Because I know that you love me
Because I know that You are with me
And you understand
And in your presence alone with you
I will learn to understand more
About you, about me
I will learn to understand
That you love me
That I am not alone
And in your presence, I will receive
Everything I need
And I will go from here with you
Strong  enough to fight
Against all these things
That make me feel alone.



I come to you as I am
With my heavy load
With all my sins
Because I know that on the cross
You carry them all
Because I know your love for me
Is always there
And I have forgiveness
And you will change my life
Day by day
And make me more like you are
Jesus, I come to you
And I surrender before the cross
And I receive
Everything  you have for me
And in this time I say
That all my life belongs to you.



If I could give you the moon
My friend
I would give it to you
If I could give you the sun
I would give it to you
The stars and everything around us
But I cannot
God has given them to everyone
I have something that is mine
My heart, my love, my care for you
Take them they are yours.



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