Meet You On The Road

teafortwoIn the mid-1800’s, David Livingstone was one of the very first Europeans who dared to explore the malarial interior of southern Africa. He was a leader who wanted to know the way, so that he could show the way – to merchants and missionaries alike, and unlike many a contemporary he would go the way. Despite considerable risk to health, Livingstone knew that life is led from the vanguard not in the comfort of the rearguard. As dusk fell on the high ground where the expedition was camped, the lights of ten thousand village camp fires began to twinkle below in the inky darkness. Overwhelmed by the vastness of Africa, a companion thought out loud, “Where do we go first?” Without hesitation, Livingstone replied from his heart, “Onwards, anywhere, provided it be forward.” Thirty-five years ago, I was captivated by these words which I saw on a fading Victorian-era postcard. They still speak to us every day. I keep the card in my Bible and to all the people who write to ask which way to go, I reply, “Onwards – for Jesus. Anywhere, provided it be forward.” Onwards is where Pilar and I shall be going today, given any opportunity. If you would head in the same direction from where you are, then perhaps we could meet for tea down the road somewhere. Would 4 o’clock be a good time for you?

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