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We divide our 'house' into several rooms:

  The DCI Trust
  The Schools of Mission
  The Christian World News pages
  The Banking for the Poorest
And special projects such as

  The Street Party for the Poor each Christmas

We will show you a little of each . . . .

The DCI Trust

Provides micro-funding for the local on-site creation of income
funding for new mission to unreached peoples,
for new training for leaders and people,
and for help for the poorest, the widows, orphans and children.

A film team heads out . .

Training for pastors and leaders

Cows for orphanages in India

Emergency food in Africa

Well Drilling in the sub-Sahara

Lace making in India

Unreached peoples
in the Upper Amazon

And . . . buildings for churches, schools and families, computers, camels and cars, farms, seeds and stock for agriculture, medicines and operations, schools for children and adults, spectacles by the hundred, tools so villagers can earn a living, wheelchairs and workshops for poor villagers.



Sudan 2004

The Free School of Mission

Since 1987, a free diploma level 85 study Internet training school
with no walls, frontiers or fees, in many languages including
Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian and major Western languages
Enjoyed by thousands of students and pastors the world over
and it's free because we keep our overheads our low via the Internet

Four typical training schools out of hundreds of different kinds around the world.

More information . . .



Banking for the Poorest

Providing no-interest micro-loans of start-up capital, or animals for the poorest, the destitute, landless,
the victims of loan sharks and for widows and the orphans in order to create jobs and hope.

More information . . .


Special Projects . . .such as -
A Street Party for the poor

We hold a simultaneous Christmas party to honour the poorest and most destitute
of Africa, Asia and South America, because the Bible says that what we do
“for the least of these” we do for the Lord.

Aids and war orphans, Uganda 2003-2006

Shan refugees in Thailand


Ayacucho, Peru



World Christian News Pages - all free

Providing believers and interested readers worldwide with a means of sharing their plans,
successes and needs.

A voice for the lost, the last and the least and for all who are reaching out to them.

World Christian News . . .  for the English speaking world

El Diario Misionero
. . . for the Spanish speaking world

O Jornal Missionário
. . . for the Portuguese speaking world

Le Jornal Missionnaire
. . . for the French speaking world

Surat-Surat Untuk Dunia
. . . for the Indonesian speaking world

and the amazing
Письма миру in Russian

All edited by volunteer translators across the world . .

The news provides communication, opens eyes, creates unity and provides
fuel for prayer and intercession for the present move of God in the world.



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