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Buy a goat for an orphan for 7 or $12; buy a sewing machine for 25, buy a whole new bank for the poor for 500, buy a milk cow for orphans for 200, buy a bank for the poor loan for one poor family for 100; buy and name any page on this website, sponsor the people who run it free of charge without salary, sponsor a missionary in India or in Africa for 30 a month. Buy chairs for new churches in Africa for 7 a chair, buy the web hosting for this website for 200 a year.

There's lots of things you buy for very little money and change somebody's world by doing so. Or sponsor just a part and we will find you a partner.

We will be telling you more and developing this page with photos and more information very shortly.

To buy now please press the Visa button on the left and be sure to write a note saying what you would like to do.  We will write back the same day if possible.

The DCI Trust in England is registered charity number 1001236 since 1987, audited annually by the Charity Commission of the UK Government so you may give with confidence.