After You, Please

openingthedoorA gentleman always opens the door for a lady to enter, the car door, the restaurant door – whatever. Of course, opening the door to a shop might be a little more costly. Good manners expect that a lady should go first, unless she is descending a hotel staircase in a long flowing gown, and your big feet happen to step on the hem causing her to arrive head over heels into the foyer. Those were my feet. Nowadays, I go first and if the lady does trip, then I am there to cushion her fall. I like the way that I love God only because he first loved me, and he was there to cushion my fall when my life fell apart half a lifetime ago, In fact, since then I have learnt that it is always best to let God go first, and to follow. Not only does he know where I should be going, but he knows the way too. It is not just good manners to open the door for divinity and say, “After you, please,” but it also makes perfect sense.

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Death And Fear In Central Africa

ashadowfaceName removed for security says please pray for my family, we were pursued by rebels wanting to take our car but thanks to God the African forces assisted us we are safe in their camp. Just now the rebels killed one pastor, seven Baptist members and one of our School of Mission students, our lives and churches in Central African Republic are in danger.

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Wanted: Translators In Ethiopia

henokHenok Estifanos, following Jesus in Ethiopia says I need committed translators for our free School of Mission. We have 75 languages and 85 million people here and I need men and women who rely on God for their living costs and who will follow Christ freely with me.

Click for Amharic – free.

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Free Lessons In Otammarie Language

thierryanatobeninThierry Anato, following Jesus in Benin says click here for the first 19 lessons from our free DCI School of Mission in the Otammarie language of Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Les Norman says one thousand thanks to you Thierry Anato, this is a very valuable resource for the people of West Africa. God bless you.

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Leading Is Best Done By Example

Former guerrilla leader and Uruguay's leading presidential candidate Jose Mujica gestures during a Reuters interview in MontevideoThe President of Uruguay, José Mujica, chooses to live on a run-down farm belonging to his wife and gives away 90% of his monthly income. He says, “I am called the poor president but I do not feel poor. Poor people are those who work to try and have an expensive lifestyle and always want more and more.”

From Stewardship.

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Keep It Simple

simplelivingEvery room in the towering Hotel Panorama was taken by drug-addicts, traffickers and prostitutes off the street. You would be forgiven for thinking that the annual Cocaine Convention of the Costa del Sol was taking place, but you would be mistaken. Daniel del Vecchio, an Italian-American pentecostal explained his thinking to me, “Live simply, so that others may simply live.” His eight words had the impact of one hundred sermons but what really spoke volumes was seeing the way that he had sold everything to live simply – and with the surplus to convert an empty hotel into a rehabilitation centre. Within years, his movement cleaned up the drug haze over Spain and brought thousands to faith in Christ. Then it went global, releasing hundreds of young leaders into mission around the world. Learn what I learned that day: living simply with no unnecessary frills, froth or bubbles at home, work and in church satisfies. It is the less-stressful lifestyle that channels God’s daily gift of energy and resources into you, saves you being ripped off right and left, and empowers the purpose of your life. Simple, isn’t it?

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Free Book To Make You A Leader

philvogelPhilip Vogel, following Jesus in England says there are two things that happen as you grow older: Your memory starts to go and I forget what the second one is.  I am seriously thrilled and thankful to God that the book I wrote for the leaders in the UK is now helping the wider world. God’s promise is that a bruised reed, that is a reed pen that has been used until it loses its sharpness and is put to one side, he will not break, or a smoking wick he will not snuff out.

Free book in EnglishSpanishPortuguese, Ngawn and soon Swahili.

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CAR Leaders On Death List

carcoupA coup in the Central African Republic by five rebel Muslim groups that have united has Christians and their property on a death list. Teenager soldiers with guns have ransacked, shops, houses, hospitals, churches, and raped many girls, beating and sometimes murdering the men. The SELEKA Group, allegedly supported by the Gulf States, Sudan and Chad tried to take CAR through conversions, then through social intervention and elections but all these failed, now they have taken power through arms.

From contacts in CAR, where we also have Schools of Mission.

Wikipedia on the CAR Conflict.

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Behind The News In Myanmar

biakmeetingBiak Sang, following Jesus in mission in Myanmar says I thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit moving because around 300 people came to hear the word of God in their own language.

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