Is Anyone Overwhelmed?


If no-one comes to help me and no-one gives me a passing thought or cares a bit about what happens to me, then I pray to you, O Lord. For what happens next, see Psalm 142

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How To Miss The Best

nouwenportraitHenri Nouwen was restless, terribly busy yet for all that activity never certain that he was moving down the right path. Pére André, his mentor told him to keep a careful eye on the difference between urgent things and important things. He said, “If you allow the urgent to dominate the day, you will never do what is truly important and you will always feel dissatisfied. To be surrounded by urgent things is your character and your way of living. You moved from Harvard University in the USA to rural France to get away from a busy life, and now life here is as busy for you as Harvard ever was. The issue is not where you are, but how you live – wherever you are. For you this means a constant choosing of what is important, and being willing to leave urgent things for later or not do them at all.” I look into the mirror of Henri Nouwen and I see myself. I too am also highly experienced in turning a solitary life as  a writer into a wearying whirlpool of busyness. I have a way of allowing the good to become the enemy of the best. Strangely, I am not the only one.

I know that it was important to write this for you. I will go now and deal with the urgent. Henri Nouwen would be pleased.

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Anita Mathias, Thank You.


We are very privileged to have been invited to retell a little of our story by the prestigious Anita Mathias pages, from Oxford, England. Subscribe to Anita’s writings, you will always be blessed and challenged.

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Arrivals And Departures

salidasWhen you see the enemy marching in through Arrivals, how do you send him back through Departures?

We tell you, click here.

More like this in The DCI Stories and The DCI Minute.

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Why Is South Africa Smiling?

germiston2013Pieter van Schalkwyk, Randvall, South Africa says we have started our Bible School in Buhle Township, Germiston with 13 students and other townships in Gauteng have invited us to start three more Bible Schools. Thank you for the free study materials.

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The Leader’s Reflection

leadersreflectionYour work may go uncelebrated, but it will not go unrewarded. God has put you exactly where He needs you. You are fulfilling His purpose every day. Once you accept that, you’ll find joy and meaning in what you’re doing, so do not let someone else’s response decide your level of happiness. They may not see you but God does.  Click UCB for more.

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Under The Mango Trees You Get Wet

mahchurchAlbert Mah, Ivory Coast says after four years of meeting in my backyard under the mango trees, our new church is finally complete because each person gave according to their means.

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Take 30 Seconds

dcistoriesClick to read our DCI Stories and The DCI Minute, each one only takes thirty seconds. Find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. We are here for you. Write soon.

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African Colour And Splendour

lubumgrad2013Click to see the very splendid graduation day at the Lubumbashi School of Mission in RD Congo, led by Jules Wazeng.

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