Don’t Dream About Helping The Poor

jeanvanierJean Vanier, the distinguished founder of L’Arche, France and worldwide caring for the poorest and most disabled people, says, “Often I go off in dreams about living and being with the poor, but what the poor need are not my dreams but my concrete presence. There is always the temptation to replace real presence with lovely thoughts about being present.”

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Abundance Within Your Reach

abundanceFrom the earliest chapters of the first book of the Old Testament to the final chapters of the last book, from Eden, to Egypt, to the desert, to Canaan and even to Babylon,  the Lord encourages and reminds his people that abundance and prosperity is within their reach. We tell you how in the free School of Kingdom Economy. See also the DCI Money Forum.

This is not the so-called prosperity gospel which deceives the poor and leaves them even poorer. No-one from these DCI Pages will ever ask you for money, fees or offerings.

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Bombs And Bullets Fly In Bethlehem

bethlehempastorNain is a Palestinian pastor in a Bethlehem church which has been bombed 14 times by extremists. Nain’s brother has been killed and he himself carries a bullet in him from an assassination attempt. Some 65% of the Palestinian believers cannot find a job being neither Jewish or Muslim. We have been asked if we can start a Banking for the Poor project in Bethlehem.

More about Naim from the Christian Embassy, Jerusalem.

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The Leader’s Reflection

leadersreflectionEach time I throw up my hands in despair, and ask God for his wisdom on how to do things, I am astounded by the results. It makes me yearn to do this in every area of my life. When an idea comes from God, it is beautifully simple. Something we would never have the courage to do, bigger than we ever dreamed of and maybe so crazy that we would never think of it.
Read the full story from Anita Mathias, England.

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How To Haggle To Win

haggletowinThe hardest person of all to negotiate with is yourself. Your eyes see something. Your heart wants it, and you imagine yourself telling envious neighbours just how little you paid for it, until another voice speaks to you. What does it say? Can you haggle to win? Find out in The DCI Stories.

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No Froth Or Bubbles Please

cafesoloI don’t know about you, but it seems that when you reach a certain age the only thing you want from morning until night is God. God himself, glimpses of his presence, whispers from his Spirit. That certain age may be because in time and space, you are nearer to your future home than to your previous one and you feel it is time to get to know the landlord better. Not necessarily so, because young people also wake up and unexpectedly find that they want God. What do we do?

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What Is Harder Than Serving the Poor?


Jesus did not say, “Blessed are those who serve the poor,” he said, “Blessed are the poor.” That is what we are invited to be and that is harder, much harder than serving the poor.Henri Nouwen, quoting Jean Vanier of L’Arche.

Meanwhile, Banking For The Poor helps to end poverty forever.

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Our Schools of Mission Are Free

When we say School of Mission we do not mean that you have to open a special building with professional staff. Our students meet in churches, in homes, in shops and even under palm trees in the open air. All you need is a group of willing people, a Bible, our free materials and the presence of God with you though prayer. We will help you to make a start and help you every step of the way.

From the Introduction page, click School of Mission for your free materials.

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Building The Dream

emsibrickmakerDr Ángel Olmo, Emsimisión, Spain says our brick-making machine just arrived in Burkina Faso and now the construction of the new medical training centre begins. Our dream of sharing our lives, professional skills and faith with the poor is becoming a reality. Follow us on Facebook.

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