Meet You On The Road

teafortwoIn the mid-1800’s, David Livingstone was one of the very first Europeans who dared to explore the malarial interior of southern Africa. He was a leader who wanted to know the way, so that he could show the way – to merchants and missionaries alike, and unlike many a contemporary he would go the way. Despite considerable risk to health, Livingstone knew that life is led from the vanguard not in the comfort of the rearguard. As dusk fell on the high ground where the expedition was camped, the lights of ten thousand village camp fires began to twinkle below in the inky darkness. Overwhelmed by the vastness of Africa, a companion thought out loud, “Where do we go first?” Without hesitation, Livingstone replied from his heart, “Onwards, anywhere, provided it be forward.” Thirty-five years ago, I was captivated by these words which I saw on a fading Victorian-era postcard. They still speak to us every day. I keep the card in my Bible and to all the people who write to ask which way to go, I reply, “Onwards – for Jesus. Anywhere, provided it be forward.” Onwards is where Pilar and I shall be going today, given any opportunity. If you would head in the same direction from where you are, then perhaps we could meet for tea down the road somewhere. Would 4 o’clock be a good time for you?

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Where Are The Unreached People?

unreachedClick here to find out where live and where to go to in prayer or in person. Choose the criteria, for example, “totally unreached people groups of 100,000 or more.”  You will see 1,587 groups shown on a world map. Next, go to the nearest travel agent or prayer meeting – or do what we do: If you can’t go yourself , then send someone else in your place.

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Inside Out Turns Upside Down

insideoutTransformation begins with you and me. Not until something happens inside us, can it emerge in others and then march onwards until society is transformed. When God means business and wants to change a nation, history tells us that he transforms a man and the man does the job. Leading from the inside out has a way of turning a church, a community or a company upside down. Now click here to here to discover seven differences between Pope Francis and his predecessors. This is not Reformation from the inside out, is it?

DCI Stories gives you 100’s of mini-articles to copy free for your own page or church bulletin.

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The Instant Overnight Family

abundanceClick here to see the latest very beautiful photos of the twenty-one Haiti children that Johnny Auguste took into his own home after the last earthquake. You are welcome to help us to help Johnny to feed, clothe, house and educate them, click Donate on the right or here for more options.

We have three goals – to make Jesus known; to make leaders and to make life better for the poor. Join us, you are welcome.

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Make Room They Are Coming

overloadedWhere does the Bible say that new believers will come on horses which speaks of unreached Central Asia where horses originated? Why will others come on chariots – which speaks of the back-slidden, materialistic West on its expensive wheels of luxury? On mules as well – which speaks of the needy developing world peoples and on the camels, which portrays the Arabic Islamic world receiving Jesus. Click for God’s Plan For The World.

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Healing For What People Have Done

jimrobinsonJim Robinson, England says I went to Goma, DR Congo with Flame International and we talked to people about forgiveness, the father heart of God, blessings, curses and healing the land. Our words and drama brought a feeling of God at work among the pastors, vicars, elders, victims of rape and violence and the people working to help them. As people brought their pain to God, as they forgave, or began to forgive those that had hurt them, many aches and pains were relieved, eyesight improved, stomach pain disappeared, grief and sorrow lifted and sleep was better than it had been for years.

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Who Is This Singing Our Song

keila“Hello! My name’s Keila Olmo and I am from Barcelona, Spain. After my university studies in advertising and music, and some jobs, I decided to go to Youth With A Mission in Herrnhut, Germany, the town which hosted the 100 years of non-stop Moravian prayer. I had never really spent time exploring the Bible, missions or my relationship with God although I did go twice to Burkina Faso with EMSI which is my parent’s mission. At YWAM I saw how art, drama and music can change hearts and bring healing to the nations. In Herrnhut we have ‘Pick a Pocket‘ – a community or artists who take the gospel to people in extreme poverty and through art reveal ways to transform communities, forging new connections between the developed and developing world. From July, I am joining the team for two years doing media and music, exhibitions, mission trips, serving in the coffee shop and art gallery in town. I will also be helping EMSI Mission. Later on, what I really want to see is my own city of Barcelona changed. I would love to bring artists and musicians together in a downtown Café to reach the people.”

We have known Keila and her sister Loida since childhood. She is an immensely talented young lady, a credit to her parents, an honour to God, and a gift from Jesus being unwrapped to bless the nations.

You can find Keila on Facebook, on You Tube and click here to see her leaflet.

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New Study Materials For Ethiopia

henokHenok Estifanos, Addis Ababa says I have translated the African Mission Training and Lessons from Joseph into Amharic to add to the School of Mission for Ethiopia. Click here to download all Amharic. Please use and distribute these free studies in your churches. I will give them on CD to universities and church leaders.

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What The Scanner Cannot See

mriscanAlex at 11 years old woke up with serious lumps emerging everywhere. This week, after two and a half years of incredible bravery, prayer, tears and chemotherapy, the MRI scan came back showing no sign of cancer. When our friend John heard the words, “six months to live,” with battlefield bravery he took to prayer, asking for prayer and choosing life by the minute. He took the palliative treatment – most of the time. This week, 14 months on, he eats well, works all hours, plays sports with his kids and gives like crazy to missions. The latest scan shows the tumours are shrinking. Not every cancer story has a happy ending, this I know this all too well. Even so, ‘fear not,’ says the Bible – 366 times, that’s once for every day and one extra for a leap year. That’s how often we need to hear those two words. Hearts may fail for fear, yet bravery in the face of the enemy is always rewarded, hopefully in life, and if not, then in the good memories left behind. After all bravery is seen not scanned.

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