February, 9th 2011

Rolando Canazas, Iquitos,Peru says we are on red alert because of dengue fever, one of our pastors and many others gravely ill.


The four unforgiveable sins of a speaker are being unprepared, uncommitted, uninteresting, or uncomfortable to be there.

Taken from John Maxwell, Everyone Communicates.

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February 8th, 2011

Now that Tunisia has changed in a month will the dominoes start to fall across the Middle East, in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Yemen, and will exiling today’s ‘Shah’s’ bring greater freedom or worse tyranny as happened to Iran years ago?

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7th February, 2011

In life there are people who give and people who take . .

Which kind do you like to be around? Givers, of course. Everyone does. When we see people we know to be takers, we tend to avoid eye contact or even pretend that we haven’t seen them. However, when we spot givers we’re glad to see them. It’s easy to feel connected to givers. It’s good to be a giver, and it doesn’t have to be all about money, try giving some time, some extra love, care and a smile works wonders.

Taken from John Maxwell, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

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February 6th, 2011


What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us,
what we have done for others and the world
remains and is immortal.

Djationo, Indonesia says our church has been forced to close, so now I serve God without a church. Eddie and Vilma at Healing Every Nation say we give 2 meals a day to 530 children in Mozambique. Mbus David Claude, Cameroon says I now lead a church after training in a School of Mission in Douala. Contact the writers

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February 5th, 2011

Henry Ampama, Amazonas, Perú says I am organizing a Wambisa Pastors Fellowship to help with social action, education and health. Join pastors from Chosica, Huabal, Chinganaza, Pampaentsa, Alianza Progreso and Soledad. Tell us what you are doing

Rowland Evans says we will find that silence is full of God’s presence speaking, it is not that He has a word for us, rather that He is word and His presence will tell us all we need to know.

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February 4th, 2011

Jaidy Oliver, Natal, Brazil says Healing the Land is saving lots of people from drugs and we use your teaching materials. Terry Young, UK says I have raised nearly £50,000 to build 2 schools for YWAM Sierra Leone, need just £5000 more. Lucky, South Africa says I think you offer the best tools for preparing leaders. Pastor Claudiney Duarte, Brazil says click to download my free book in Portuguese about healing and God’s miracles.

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says my wife Jane has been diagnosed with diabetes and we need your prayers and advice in this remote place. Aquilino Pinaycobo says I have been a pastor for 30 years in Bolivia. Odir Carranza, El Salvador says we have a TV program for counselling young people, big drug problem here. Contact the writers.

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February 3rd, 2011

The famous actor got the applause but then the audience wept, why was this? Find out in The DCI Minute, takes just one minute to read, one minute to write but a lifetime in preparation.

Zaniolo, Brazil says we welcome people with alcohol and drug problems, give clothes, food and God’s word. Jesús, Venezuela says to follow Christ is the most beautiful and wonderful life we can have. Djationo, 49, Indonesia says I want to be a great evangelist like Yonggi Cho. Contact the writers.

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February 2nd, 2011

Udeme Eyeni, Nigeria is building a new church building at Oron. Tell us what you are doing

Mah Malachie, Ivory Coast says soldiers here are on brink of armed confrontation, near us are many dead civilians, churches burned, we and the DCI projects are safe for now. Tell us what you are doing

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