25th February, 2011

Moses Aringo, Malawi says the church and the School of Mission are going on well, we have just planted another church in Mozambique from our daughter church, it is amazing what God is doing. Tell us what you are doing.

Philip Yancey says that half of the world’s two billion Christians are led by pastors with less than two weeks training. We say see the DCI Free School of Mission made for just such men and women.

Desiderio says we look after the children who live on the rubbish dumps in Hermosillo, Mexico. Vicente López says The Good Samaritan House in Veracruz, México helps the very poorest. Norman Johnson, Sudan Partners says it’s final and it’s true, the amazing referendum results that make South Sudan the world’s newest nation.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers.

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24th February, 2011

Matthias, Germany says we are helping orphans in Kenya my website.  Maria Helena says I share my faith in the market in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Gamaliel Mora says 15 of us are church building in Tenango del Aire, Mexico. Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers.

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23rd February, 2011

Miguel Diez, Remar International, Spain says in Guatemala we are making our college bigger, opening a candle factory, a shop, and a new church in Aguas Calientes. Ask about serving with Remar in 66 nations.
Freddy Zapata says we have opened a new church in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Luz Preciado says the next Barranquilla, Colombia School of Mission starts end February. Jude, Solomon Islands says this School of Mission program should come to us in the Pacific.
Two of the retired Americans killed by Somali pirates were delivering Bibles around the world, we are sorry. Full story.
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22nd February, 2011


President William Henry Harrison’s inaugural speech was the longest ever, 8,578 words. He gave it outside on a cold day refusing to wear either hat or coat and so caught pneumonia, and died one month later. Speakers can learn two lessons from William Henry: Remain dressed and keep your speech short

The secret of good communication in three words.

Brevity, levity and repetition.

See brevity, levity and repetition in The DCI Minute,

one minute to read, one minute to type yet a lifetime in preparation.

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21st February, 2011

Daniel Kizhakkevila says this is how we began to dig the second well sponsored by readers of this page for the Mercy Home in Meenamkal, India.
Tell us what you are doing.

John Clements, Wales says if you were a student in the first ever DCI Course for World Christians in Nottingham, UK 1987-1992 click for the Facebook Group I have opened.

Who put our world into a museum? For the answer see this week’s DCI Minute, one minute to read, one minute to write but a lifetime in preparation.

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20th February, 2011

One friend says to another, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” His friend replied, “That may be true but you can feed that horse with some salt and make him thirsty.”

Justice, Ghana says the only way that the Church is failing is in its outreach responsibilities. David Meza, Venezuela says click to download free materials, events, and publicize your news in Spanish.  Click Jeremias Luzolo to enter the next DCI School of Mission in Luanda, Angola begins 5th March.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

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19th February, 2011

Isai says I am doing a project with Tenek young people in Mexico. Izaias dos Santos, Brazil says I have been teaching the free DCI lessons in Philippines and South Africa. Luis Parra says I am going to teach the free DCI studies in Colombia, I am an evangelist here. Contact the writers.

Philip Yancey said when facing imminent death, “All that mattered boiled down to four questions: Who do I love? Who will I miss? What have I done with my life? And am I ready for what’s next?

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18th February, 2011

Komi Mensa Gbogatse says I have distributed thousands of the free SOON magazines and blessed our poor, beggars and disabled children in Guinea. Click to see the photos. Tell us what you are doing.

CNN reports that Enoch Adeboye has 1 million people regularly attending his church meetings in Nigeria.

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18th February, 2011

With thanks to Johnny Auguste in Haiti click to download the first ten lessons of the School of Mission in Kreyól, free for Haitians everywhere.

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