27th March, 2011

Matthieu Nshimimana,  Burundi says we are opening another DCI School of Mission in Kinama, north Bujumbura. Márcia and Antonio, Santa Rita, Brazil says we are starting a School of Mission with DCI materials here and we would like to represent DCI in our country. Ojie Solitario,  Philippines says in April we are doing Church Growth in our leaders training in our language of Cebuano. Iara,  Brazil says I want to open a School of Mission here please.

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Free literature in six Fulani dialects for West Africa here and lots of free short videos for home and church use here

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26th March, 2011

Virgilio Zaballos, Spain says the EMSI Misión people in Barcelona met a 40 year old homeless man with no teeth so they arranged a full set of false teeth for him, no charge. This love changed his life, he is now in touch with his family and looking for work. 14 free books in Spanish from Virgilio

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Rogelio, Guatemala says I get up at 3 every morning to pray, today for DCI people, your studies have helped me a lot. Ferry says I serve in my local church in Tangerang, Indonesia. John, UK says I enjoy being motivated and challenged to share Jesus more, love the work of DCI and the DCI Minute e-mails.
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25th March, 2011

Bill Hybels says people supernaturally gifted to lead must yield themselves fully to God. They must communicate powerful, biblical, God-honouring visions. They must build effective, clearly focused teams that love people. They must fire up the followers of Christ to give their absolute best for God. And they must insist on nothing less than the gospel be preached, the lost be found, the believers be equipped, the poor be served, the lonely be joined into community, and that God gets the credit for it all.
From Courageous Leadership.

And we say wherever you find a man or a woman like that, support him or her with everything you have got.

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24th March, 2011

Silvia Vergara, Valparaiso, Chile says Operation Mobilization Chile started in our home in 1988 with a prayer meeting that we are starting again for missionaries, unreached peoples and the Church. We do a Missions Breakfast here every month and our next DCI School of Mission starts in April, in our living room. Tell us what you are doing.

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Henry Adams said “a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Teach the free DCI School of Mission.

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23rd March, 2011

A leader in Indonesia says yesterday we welcomed a man who used to have extreme hatred for Christians, he burned churches and vowed to turn many pastors to his religion. Then Jesus revealed himself to him in dreams and now he is a pastor who blesses many through his teaching. He and his wife live in simplicity, selling sandals and taking the Gospel to people in mountains and villages. Tell us what you are doing.

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Understanding changes minds but action changes lives.

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22nd March, 2011

André, Brazil says I teach the gospel to 35 kids, 9-15 years. Totoavy says I thank God for giving me 34 years as a pastor in Madagascar. Gonkanou says the School for the Blind in Danane, Ivory Coast dare not open because of the fighting. Etestinadut, Russia says thanks, this page is very interesting to read. Lambertus, Indonesia says I made a CD to thank God who healed my wife, selling it now to help the poor.

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