No Froth Or Bubbles Please

cafesoloI don’t know about you, but it seems that when you reach a certain age the only thing you want from morning until night is God. God himself, glimpses of his presence, whispers from his Spirit. That certain age may be because in time and space, you are nearer to your future home than to your previous one and you feel it is time to get to know the landlord better. Not necessarily so, because young people also wake up and unexpectedly find that they want God. From then onwards, no amount of froth and bubble on Sundays remotely satisfies when the soul hungers to worship, pray, listen and to talk about Jesus, alone and together. Perhaps what is happening is that our soul hears our name whispered and the searching desire is our reply to open the conversation. As the child Samuel said: “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

Is this true, can it be cured, what do you think?

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Starting Again From Nothing


Sarwar Masih, following Jesus in Pakistan says with your generous support we took food, blankets, sheets, clothes, school books and bags to 40 families and 50 children, just part of the 210 families who lost their homes and everything in religious mob violence against them.

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Doctors Go To Patients – That’s Different!

emsi2013Daniel Sedgewick, following Jesus in England says I went to Burkina Faso with 38 medics on the EMSI Medical team. It was extremely hard work to see lots of patients with many years of aches and pains. We treated them and prayed for them and God worked in amazing ways. Thank you for encouraging me to go and for supporting EMSI although we have only scratched the surface of the needs out there.

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Compassion For Congo


Jim Robinson, following Jesus in England says I am going to Goma and Bukavu in DR Congo this month with Flame International to give prayer, support and training to church leaders, UN mediation teams and women working with victims of sexual violence and armed groups. The region has 1.6 million displaced people because of the continual violence.

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Hope And The Lady Baby


Never underestimate the power of hope

when clothed with prayer.

A more hopeless looking woman you would not find, she would neither lift her face nor speak more than one downcast word. Her pastor asked me to pray for this poor lady because in her Mossi culture, a barren wife lives in unspeakable disgrace, and this was the problem. The only bigger dilemma was that my own wife back home was in the same long-term predicament, living with the sadness but not in the shame. At a time like this to have faith for an answer is helpful. I had none. The pastor had less, and the woman had long since lost hers. So we prayed in hope. I heard two very unconvincing Amen’s at the end, mine and the pastor’s and then nightfall mercifully swallowed us. Ten months later, a scrap of a paper overflowing with a joy that crossed the earth announced the birth of a lady baby. Never underestimate the power of hope when it is clothed with prayer because not long afterwards another ‘lady baby’ was born. We called her Elizabeth, which means God has kept his promise – as we hoped but scarcely believed that he would.

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Is A Sabbatical A Long Holiday?


A sabbatical is not a long holiday

in disguise paid for by other people.

Are you tired? Worn out?

Burned out on religion?

Come to me.

Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.

I’ll show you how to take a real rest.

Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it.

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

Jesus, Matthew 11:28-30, The Message

No-one could tell us what you do on a sabbatical, or how you plan a sabbatical or where you go, until we found this article by Eugene Peterson. Use Google Translate for your language.

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Books And Free Computers

ghanabookaidWe say thank you to John and Sarah McGinley for providing 1,500 Bibles going to Liberia through Book Aid UK who have sent 286 shipping containers with millions of Christian books to bookshops in 18 English-speaking nations.

For 1 to 1000 free computers for your church, mission or school contact Computer Aid.

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Free Book On Leadership Training

philvogelinngawnBiak Sang, following Jesus in Myanmar says we have printed 5,000 copies of the Philip Vogel book on Leadership, translated into the Ngawn language. Click here for a free copy.

Click for a free copy in EnglishSpanish or Portuguese

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Invest In Belt And Braces

beltandbracesSome results are totally predictable, but all too often these are the ones that we do not want. Like what happened in the Thai refugee camp last week when a lady turned her back on the cooking pot for a moment. Minutes later hundreds of bamboo refugee homes were furiously burning. Lives were lost, and 3,500 people are homeless in a scorched wilderness. Our friend Gareth went to them, see his photos. It is safe to predict that more positive results will follow prayer, concentration and hard work but like some trains, they don’t always come on time. I like the advice of one accomplished engineer, architect, farmer and economist of times gone by who looked overseas and invested in seven or eight opportunities, hedging his bets. Some people call it wearing belt and braces to avoid embarrassment. He would say, “nothing ventured; nothing gained, don’t look at the wind or the clouds, get your wisdom by listening to God in prayer. Then sow your seed morning and evening and be sure that either this, or that, or both will do equally well.” He was the richest man of his day, but what was his name?

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