How to Send Money Overseas

The DCI Trust uses the following methods

By electronic bank transfer

There are costs and fees and generally the system works well with funds arriving within four days. However, sometimes a beneficiary has to persuade his bank overseas that a transfer has arrived because some banks divert the foreign currency into their own trading accounts and can take up to six weeks to produce the money.

By Western Union, Moneygram or Giros-Seguros

100% secure, instant transfer, collect in minutes, guaranteed and works every time. The fees are higher than banks but we recommend them, despite the costs. See Google for their websites, you can often use your credit or debit card for an on-line transfer.

By Credit Card

We use the E-Bay PayPal service which gives a secure transaction, very fast and almost free. The beneficiary has to open a free account with them linked to his bank to withdraw the money. The whole transaction is handled on-line. Ikobo is a new untested service that sends out bank ATM cards to collect the funds, for which they charge an initial fee.

By insured, registered post

In the UK and Europe and where available in other countries as well, you can send cheques or cash by an International Signed For or Giro service. Ask at your local post office. Costs are very low, it takes 7/10 days to reach anywhere in the world, but not every country is covered. We have never had any problems except with Cuba and then the Post Office immediately returned the money to us. When we sent it again, the envelope arrived safely.

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