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womanshockedClick on Free Literature and you tell you where to find free leaflets and books to read or to give away. Enter the word Free in the Search box on the right and you will find many more free books and courses. Freely we have received from the grace of God and freely we give. No-one from DCI will ever ask you for money and if they do they are not from DCI. Our Support Line is also free. Ask us questions but please don’t ask us for money and we will find someone for you who knows the answers.

Since 1985 we have been making God’s love known by making leaders, who make life better for the lost and the last of the world.

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Carlos Rios

Hello I am Carlos Colombian pastor, I have been in London for 4 years, my main church is in Colombia, and I here to open the church in U.K, it has not been easy but we are happy with my wife and my two childres serving God in this land.

We want to serve in yours projects as a voluntaries my phone is 07588452834

God bless you

Carlos Rios



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