Did You Collect Your Harvest This Month

fruitpickingThere is a river that flows from the presence of God, and some remarkable trees grow alongside both banks. Remarkable because these trees never experience the falling leaves of autumn, and they give a new crop twelve times a year. The fruit is for food, and the leaves are for healing. Every month a new harvest is there to be picked and enjoyed. Every month. Every month.

For everyone in missions and for all those who have lost their jobs and can’t find another – for you who follow Jesus, every month there is a supply of food to be collected. For the nine or ten men and women in our fellowship, ourselves included, who can’t shake off the aches and pains with a couple of paracetamol and an early night, for you and for us every month God has provided a source of healing. Every month.

May this river of God and its orchard flow through your home, in the name of Jesus. May you find grace, together with us, to allow the greater truth of God’s word to displace the lesser truths of lack and illness. Do stretch your faith upwards and take what is provided. Grip hard, pull and keep pulling down because if you remember, these leaves and the fruit they hide do not fall by themselves.

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Contextual Center for Ministry

This school is helping us reach people with the Gospel in Zambia.We love DCI.


I would like to working with you in the missions area of discipleship the nations of east Africa, this is makodinian

calling of healp of found missions schools.

Missionaries coordinator.



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