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MarsDiscoveryDistrictByBorderlessInvestmentsOnFlickrIf you are here looking for funds then our Money Forum will definitely help you. You probably already know that nine out of ten applications for funding are declined, so we tell you why and how to make a credible presentation. The School of Kingdom Finances has 65 free lessons and will help everyone who takes the course to learn God's ways in handling money, avoiding the scandalous so called prosperity gospel that makes poor people even poorer.

To have my lecture notes for the Fund Raising Seminar and much more, click About Money at the top of the page or here.

Click The DCI Fund if you are here looking for funds particularly for your own training or for you to train others at no-cost or low cost. The DCI Fund distributes small and medium size gifts usually on a 50/50 basis or thereabouts as funds permit. We support proposals for the training of men and women as future leaders of 10's, 50's, 100's or 1000's in a DCI School of Mission, or through a similar or more advanced program that is approved by us. Once the training program is established we consider applications to help fund projects in evangelism, mission, leadership training, banking for the poor, in medical campaigns and in care for the poor which must involve you or the students, graduates and leaders as part of the training and work experience.

Please note that we never, ever, and we mean never send money to people we do not know, and you should never do this either as the Internet is overflowing with fake identities and pages. Our application procedure necessarily involves a serious and intrusive verification of identity and integrity which is not a problem to applicants with nothing to hide.

The DCI Fund welcomes gifts large and small, to put together with our own giving to distribute to known and trusted men and women of proven competence, honesty, integrity and vision on the basis of "If you can't go yourself, then for Christ's sake send someone else." (Oswald Smith). We like to send people and rarely consider general appeals for purchases or properties.

Or search for Crowdfunding in Google and invite support for your project.

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DCI makes a great impact through the world. I manage a free course of Mission in Haiti (Onaville) and people are transformed.  Indeed, in a time we preach false doctrines, DCI teaches the true God's doctrine. I'm happy to be a part of this community.


I was excited to see this website inviting people to use the available resources generously. I would be very grateful to you if could reply and continue to partner.

May the Lord Bless

Dereje Berhanu, Manager of Transformation Mission Ministry.

Shem Ageta

I am happy we share the need to expose the false of the properity gospel as being part of the ‘doctrines of demons’.


Hi, I would love to join this school indeed today preachers basically lay the foundation on prosperity but many people are getting astray because of these messages lm a pastor in South Africa

Cornelius N. Fon

Hi, I would love to take part in The School of Kingdom Finances. I hate the prosperity gospel, believe in God taking care of His children without the use of gimmicks. How do I take part in the School?

I am a pastor in Yaounde, Cameroon.

God bless you for all the wonderful help you are giving to the Body of Christ.



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