28th February, 2011

C S Lewis says what we want are not more little books about Christianity but more little books by Christians on other subjects with their Christianity built in to their writing. What do you think about this? Add a comment below.

John Maxwell says stories are as old as the human race. We live them, and we love to tell them. We use stories to make sense of our experience. And when we share them, we help people understand us, themselves, and their world.

Les Norman, the editor says here then is ‘We deserve better‘ my 60 second story about disappearing passion.

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jim robinson

yes yes yes! A compelling and challenging quote indeed! Sometimes it feels easier to talk about Christianity as separate from life than to grapple with how we can possibly try to be Jesus in complex, painful and confusing situations. How do we see jubilee in the 21st Century? What can that possibly look like? And how can we join together to make it happen? What does justice mean? What does grace mean?

Much love to you from us all


I find the the CS Lewis quotation to be very compelling and I am sure he is as right today about this as he was years ago. We can make a library on this website for you to publish your writings and short stories but not sermons, think about it and let me know. Les Norman, the editor.


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